Written for ANGELA

Written for

Wilt thou begone? Oh! stay awhile;
My little hour of bliss
Hath still for love one parting smile,
One sweetly lingering kiss.
Alas! 'tis true the lovely night5
Her veil has half withdrawn,
And yon pale streaks of envious light
Proclaim unwelcome dawn.
Yet go not Love! no watchful eye,
Tho' morn indeed appears,10
Thy parting steps shall here espy
Save mine all drown'd in tears.
Ah! go not yet! but think how sad
How long my lonely day;
Bid this fond, foolish heart be glad,15
A little longer to stay.
'Tis but some moments stol'n from those
Which once were all my own,
One wither'd leaf from that sweet rose,
Which bloom'd for me alone.20
Yes, thou wert mine, wert only mine!
Thy hours, thy life, thy soul,
Tho' offer'd at an humble shrine,
Confess'd love's full control.
Yes I was blest! Ah me! this tear25
Betrays my broken heart;
The latent anguish will appear,
It marks my powerless art.
Oh! I would hide it all from thee,
My hopeless, vain regret;30
While dear affection loves for me
Some sweets to cherish yet.
I would not crush the buds of joy,
Love still delights to rear,
And screen them from the lowering sky35
That chills th'autumnal year.
Still thou art kind! still I am blest!
I do not, Love, complain,
But fondly clinging round thy breast,
My heart still loves its chain.40
I would not give one tender sigh
Thy bosom heaves for me,
Nor one soft glance of that blue eye,
Ador'd by worlds to be.
I would not purchase all love's reign45
With one dear smile of thine,
Why should I then of love complain
While those dear smiles are mine?


[1] EDITOR'S NOTE: "Written for Angela" does not appear in Selena (or Psyche, with Other Poems or Mary or Collected Poems and Journals) but is clearly attributed to the character Angela Harley. BACK