XIX Written at Killarney July 29. 1800.

Written at Killarney
July 29. 1800. [1] 

How soft the pause! the notes melodious cease
Which from each feeling could an echo call;
Rest on your oars; that not a sound may fall
To interrupt the stillness of our peace:
The fanning West-wind breathes upon our cheeks5
Yet glowing with the sun's departed beams.
Thro' the blue Heav'ns the cloudless moon pours streams
Of pure resplendent light. in silver streaks
Reflected on the still unruffled lake.
The Alpine hills in solemn silence frown,10
While the dark woods nights deepest shades embrown.
And now once more that soothing strain awake!
Oh! ever to my heart, with magic power,
Shall those sweet sounds recall this rapturous hour.


[1] EDITOR'S NOTE: "Written at Killarney July 29. 1800" is printed in Psyche, with Other Poems and Selena (attributed to Sidney Dallamore and titled "Sonnet Returning at Night"); the illustration offers a view of Ross Castle at Killarney. BACK