XVIII Written at the Eagle's Nest KILLARNEY July 26. 1800.

Written at the Eagle's Nest
July 26. 1800. [1] 

Here let us rest, while with meridian blaze
The sun rides glorious 'mid the cloudless sky,
While o'er the Lake no cooling Zephyrs fly,
But on the liquid glass we dazzled gaze,
And fainting ask for shade: Lo! where his nest5
The bird of Jove has fix'd. the lofty brow,
With arbutus and fragrant wild shrubs drest,
Impendent frowns, nor will approach allow:
Here the soft turf invites: here magic sounds
Celestially respondent shall enchant,10
While melody from yon steep wood rebounds
In thrilling cadence sweet: sure life can grant
No brighter hours than this, and memory oft
Shall paint this happiest scene with pencil soft.


[1] EDITOR'S NOTE: "Written at the Eagle's Nest Killarney July 26. 1800," the first of the three Killarney sonnets, is printed in Psyche, with Other Poems and Selena, where it is attributed to Sidney Dallamore (and titled "Sonnet Written at the Eagles Nest"); the illustration offers a view of the Eagle's Nest Mountain at Killarney. BACK