XXVIII. [1] 

Oh London! have I bid thy varied scene
Farewell for ever! shall each well-known haunt
Endear'd by fond remembrances enchant
No more my heart? fled are the hours serene,
When round the board I bless'd the placid brow,5
The lov'd domestic circle, and the smile
Of the dear sportive friend, who could beguile
The course of chidden time, whose speech ev'n now
For ever parted us? The charm dissolv'd,
I wake as one from a delightful dream,10
And catch at each bright form whose fleeting gleam
Still rests upon my heart; past hours revolv'd
Soften by sweet reflection my sad road,
And free my heart of half its present load!


[1] EDITOR'S NOTE: "Oh London! have I bid thy varied scene" does not appear in Psyche, with Other Poems or Mary (or Collected Poems and Journals) and is undated in Verses. BACK