XXV [1] 

Thy Summer's day was long, but could'st thou think
Deluded fool, it would for ever last?
Thy sun indeed mid shrouding clouds, is fast
Declining, and must soon for ever sink.
But from the long foreboded gloom to shrink, 5
Thus in the hopeless depths of languor cast,
Declares thy brighter hours were idly past
In thoughtless folly. Did'st thou never think
That all thy fond heart prized must pass away?
And all those sparkling joys, ev'n when most bright,10
Were but as heavy drops, which trembling play
On the breeze-shaken leaf? could'st thou delight
With calm security thro all the day
Nor seek a shelt'ring bower for sure approaching night?


[1] EDITOR'S NOTE: "Thy Summer's day was long, but could'st thou think" is printed in Mary, where it is dated 1802. BACK