XX On leaving Killarney August 5. 1800

On leaving Killarney
August 5. 1800 [1] 

Farewell sweet scenes! pensive once more I turn
Those pointed hills, and wood-fringed Lakes to view
With fond regret: while in this last adieu
A silent tear those brilliant hours shall mourn
For ever past. So from the pleasant shore,5
Borne with the struggling bark against the wind,
The trembling pennant flutt'ring looks behind
With vain reluctance. 'Mid those woods no more
For me the voice of pleasure shall resound,
Nor soft flutes warbling o'er the placid Lake10
Aerial music shall for me awake,
And wrap my charmed soul in peace profound.
Tho' lost to me, here still may Taste delight
To dwell, nor the rude axe the trembling Dryads fright.


[1] EDITOR'S NOTE: "On leaving Killarney August 5. 1800" is printed in Psyche, with Other Poems (and is only invoked in Selena by the narrator); the illustration offers another view of the lakes and mountains of Killarney. BACK