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Marc Redfield is Professor of English and holds the John D. and Lilliam Maguire Distinguished Chair in the Humanitites at Claremont Graduate University. He is the author of Phantom Formations: Aesthetic Ideology and the Bildungsroman (1996) and of The Politics of Aesthetics: Nationalism, Gender, Romanticism (2003); he has coedited High Anxieties: Cultural Studies in Addiction (2002) .

Geoffrey Hartman is the author, most recently, of Scars of the Spirit: The Struggle Against Inauthenticity (2002). Some of his previous books include: The Unmediated Vision (1954); Wordsworth's Poetry (1964); Beyond Formalism (1970); The Fate of Reading (1975); Criticism in the Wilderness (1980); The Unremarkable Wordsworth (1987); The Longest Shadow (1996); and The Fateful Question of Culture (1997).