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Andrew Burkett is Associate Professor of English at Union College, where his teaching and research interests center on the intersections among science, technology, and imaginative literature during the British Romantic period. He is the author of Romantic Mediations: Media Theory and British Romanticism (SUNY Press 2016) and has been recently appointed as Reviews Co-Editor of the Keats-Shelley Journal. Additionally, he is co-editor of two Romantic Circles volumes: William Blake and Pedagogy (2016), co-edited with Roger Whitson for the site’s Pedagogies series, as well as Multi-Media Romanticisms (2016), a Romantic Circles Praxis volume co-edited with James Brooke-Smith.

Palma Catravas is a faculty member in the ECE Department at Union College.  Previously, she worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the area of electron beam diagnostics for plasma based accelerators and ultrashort radiation sources. At Union, in addition to traditional Electrical Engineering courses, she works at the interface of Electrical Engineering and Music, runs Phasor Lab, and has received a patent on a signal processing technique based on music visualization. Recent musical activities include guest performances with the Musicians of Ma’alwyck and duo piano performances with her brother Nicolas.