Dorothy Wordsworth’s Lake District

A Romantic Circles Electronic Edition

Forthcoming 2022

On the occasion of Dorothy Wordsworth’s 250th birthday, Romantic Circles is pleased to announce Michelle Levy, Nicholas Mason, and Paul Westover’s forthcoming digital edition of her Lakeland writings. Providing annotated and illustrated transcriptions of texts both familiar and never before published, this edition represents a watershed in the scholarly treatment of her journals, poems, and narratives. Each section, framed by a critical introduction, focuses intently on manuscripts from the Wordsworth Trust and beyond, and the editors have incorporated powerful digital tools and conformed throughout to the last standards in textual editing. In the words of one reviewer, Dorothy Wordsworth’s Lake District offers “the feel of a virtual trip to the Wordsworth Trust’s Jerwood Centre, enabling the user to enjoy the excitement of engagement with a material object, in the company of expert guides.”


Critical Introduction

Annotated Texts:

  1. First Notebook of the Grasmere Journal (1800)
  2. “Excursion on the Banks of Ullswater” (1805)
  3. “A Narrative Concerning George and Sarah Green” (1808)
  4. “Excursion up Scawfell Pike” (1818)
  5. Poems from the Commonplace Book (1805–1830s)
  6. Rydal Journals, Notebooks 1 and 15 (1824–25, 1834–35).

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December 2021

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