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Pedagogies Hangouts is a multimedia series that brings together scholars and teachers of Romanticism at all levels to talk about the possibilities and challenges of teaching in the twenty-first century. The discussions take several forms and have different foci, including mentoring undergraduate and graduate students, studying with ground-breaking scholars, incorporating non-canonical texts, navigating different types of institutions and classrooms, experimenting and engaging with scholarly work during class, teaching as a praxis to remap the field, and teaching at the intersection of pedagogy and politics.

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Romantic Circles Pedagogies Hangout: The Interdisciplinary Legacies of Donald Ault

This wide-ranging discussion on Blake and comics scholar Donald Ault, Emeritus Professor at the University of Florida, is the third in a series of ongoing conversations about romanticism and pedagogy. Participants include Roger Whitson (Washington State University), Ron Broglio (Arizona State University), Tof Eklund (Full Sail University), Laurie Taylor (University of Florida), and Zach Whalen (University of Mary Washington). You can read the letters the participants wrote to Ault here, and below is an embedded audio response from Ault. 


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