Gimber, Stephen Henry

Stephen Henry Gimber, a British engraver born about 1806, worked as an artist and lithographer in Philadelphia during the 1850s. In 1828 Gimber immigrated to New York City with his wife Louisa (b. ca. 1810) and in the early 1830s engraved book plates and frontispiece illustrations, and also designed sheet music covers and other lithographs published by the Pendleton firm in the early 1830s. By the 1840 census, he resided in New York's Fifteenth Ward with Louisa and five New-York born children. Three years later, on November 7, 1843, printer Edward B. Kraft witnessed Gimber's naturalization in the New York County Superior Court.

Gimber relocated to Philadelphia shortly after his naturalization, where in the 1850 census he is listed as "Stephen Kimber" [... he died] in 1862. --from Library Company of Philidelphia