Pyle, Forest

Forest Pyle is Professor of English at the University of Oregon and the author of The Ideology of the Imagination: Subject and Society in the Discourse of Romanticism (Stanford, 1995) and Art’s Undoing: In the Wake of a Radical Aestheticism (Fordham, 2014).  With Jacques Khalip he co-edited Constellations of a Contemporary Romanticism (Fordham, 2016); and in 2005 he edited Romanticism and the Insistence of the Aesthetic, a special issue of Romantic Praxis. His essays on romantic and post-romantic literature, painting, and film have appeared in Romantic Praxis, Studies in Romanticism, NLH, ERR, PMLA, Novel, and other journals in the field. “On the Currency of the Image” will appear as a portion of his forthcoming monograph, “True Romanticism, Yesterday and Tonight,” expected by Fordham in its Lit Z series.

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