Wood, Marcus
Marcus Wood is a painter, performance artist and film maker, since 2003 he has also been Professor of English at the University of Sussex. For the last thirty years Marcus has been making art, and writing books about different ways in which the traumatic memory of slavery and colonization have been encoded in art and literature. Significant books include Blind Memory: Visual Representations of Slavery in England and America 1780-1865 (Manchester University Press and Routledge New York, 2000); High Tar Babies: Race, Hatred, Slavery, Love (Clinamen Press, 2001); Slavery, Empathy, and Pornography (Oxford University Press, 2003); The Horrible Gift of Freedom: Atlantic Slavery and the Representation of Emancipation (University of Georgia Press, 2010) and Black Milk: Imagining Slavery in the Visual Cultures of Brazil and America, the first big study of the visual slavery propagandas of the two biggest slave cultures in the Atlantic Diaspora (OUP May 2013). His current book project is Exploding Archives: Meditations on Slavery, Brazil, America and the limits of cultural memory.

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