Obi Melodrama: Act I, Scene 2

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Transcript of the scene

SCENE II.—A room in the planter's house.

(Enter KITTY, R.H., followed by TUCKEY.)

TUCKEY. Come, my pretty maid, be brisk; Mr. Ormond and the captain intend to go out shooting for a few hours, so fly and bid the servants prepare.

KITTY. Fly, indeed! Quite free and easy. Pray, where did you learn to forget the difference between black and white, my dingy spark?

TUCKEY. In England, my dear, where, truth to speak, though I saw many pretty damsels, I saw none that could in any way compare with you, fine model of perfection.

KITTY. Upon my word, the boy has some sense, and is not so dingy as I at first thought him. Exit. L. H.

TUCKEY. Ah, we poor blacks have a weary time of it, and are as much railed at as if the darkness of our skins were a sample of the colour of our hearts.

SONG.—TUCKEY. "Possum up a gum tree."

AIR,—Native Melody.

Opossum up a gum tree,
His tail his body follow,
Racoon quickly him see
Looking out o' hollow—
Pull him by the long tail,
Opossum squall—opossum squall,
Racoon stick his long nail,
Him louder squall—him louder squeak,
Opossum up, &c.

Opossum him look shy now,
Racoon grin, Racoon grin,
Opossum wink his eye now,
Move him chin, move him chin,
Opossum down him stumble
From the tree, from the tree,
And make him 'gin to tremble,
Racoon he, he, Racoon he, he,
Opossum up, &c.

Black boy him love Jill Jenkins,
Tink he'll wed—tink he'll wed,
His massa chide him thinking,
Beat him head—beat him head,
Black boy him love rum, too,
Make him groggy—make him groggy,
But massa make him come to
When him floggy—when him floggy.
Opossum up, &c.

(Exit TUCKEY, L.)

August 2002

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