Obi Melodrama: Act II, Scene 4

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A transcript of the scene

JACK. Behold you future residence. (she starts.) What? You like it not? The masonry is somewhat rugged, I confess; and the tangling weeds form but a sorry tapestry—but it has one proud charm—(takes down ladder.) security! Your white man, I am told, can soar into the air, fathom the deep, ransack the mine, and enslave in every clime where his accursed arts find access. Here, here alone, no white man finds an entrance, but as Karfa's slave.

ROSA. (aside.) To what have I reduced myself! but tis for Orford, and I will not fear—could I discover where he is confined—

JACK. Come, come, no muttering. To work, to work. Trim yonder fire. (R.2 E.) Nay, pause not; obey me! the times have changed, and the white man must now labour for the black.

August 2002

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