Obi Pantomime: Act I, Scene 1, Part 1

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A description of the action on stage

Enter Rosa, and two Female Attendants, at gate, R.H. Rosa distributes presents to the Slaves of ribbons, handkerchiefs, &c. Planter comes forward—Rosa kneels R. of him. He raises her—brings down the Captain, introduces them to each other—their admiration is mutual, which Tuckey observes with satisfaction. Captain approaches Rosa, and kisses her hand. Tuckey observing this, appears overjoyed, and runs up the Stage. Planter comes down, points to Rosa, and asks the Captain how he likes her. Captain expresses his approbation. Planter then asks his Daughter the same question. Rosa likewise expresses her approbation of him. A horn sounds without, as a signal for the Captain to retire. Captain makes an offer to go, but is anxious to stay. Tuckey pulls him by the sleeve, and reminds him of the signal. Captain appears angry at his interference. Horn sounds a second time. Captain still wishes to stay. Tuckey urges him to go—he shows more anger at his importunity, but at last decides on going. Kisses his hand to RosaTuckey catches hold of his other hand, and they both exeunt L.H.

August 2002

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Praxis Series