Obi Pantomime: Act I, Scene 1, Part 3

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A description of the action on stage

Enter Captain, supported by Planter, Overseer, and Tuckey, who is holding his hand. Quashee and Sam assisting behind, all seeming anxious for his recovery. Tuckey gets a chair from L.H. and they place him in it, all forming a groupe around him. One of the Female Attendants, leaving Rosa, runs to see the Captain, observes his wound, is terrified, and returns to Rosa. Rosa asks if he is wounded—she answers in the negative. Rosa, not satisfied, and fearing he is hurt, rushes from her attendants, goes to the Captain, finds he is wounded—lays her hand upon his heart, expresses great joy at feeling it bear. Captain gradually recovers—finds Tuckey at his knees, embraces him for his fidelity. He turns his head, sees Rosa, expresses great joy, shewing every token of affection for her, kissing her hand several times. During this the Planter is expressing his approval of the courage of Quashee and Sam in accompanying them. Tuckey shews the Captain the gate, R.H. and entreats him to go in, and, with Rosa, raises him from his seat—as they walk forward, the Captain, from the loss of blood, faints into her arms. Planter runs to his assistance, and raises him up. They all lead him off at the gate.

August 2002

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Praxis Series