Obi Pantomime: Act II, Scene 1

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A description of the action on stage


My cruel love to danger go,
No think of pain he give to me
Too soon me fear like grief to know,
Has broke the heart of Ulalee,
Poor negro woman, &c.

Poor soul, to see her hang her head
All day beneath the cypress tree
And still she sing, my love be dead,
The husband of poor Ulalee,
Poor negro woman, &c.

My love be kill'd-how sweet he smiled
His smile again me neber see,
Unless me see it in the child,
That he hath left poor Eulalie.
Poor negro woman, &c.

My baby to my breast I fold,
But little warmth, poor boy, have he
His father's dead-all is so cold
About the heart of Ulalee.

August 2002

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