Obi Pantomime: Act II, Scene 4

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A description of the action on stage

Jackdrinks plentifully of rum and watergets a little merrytakes his banjo, plays, and desires her to do the same. Rosa, terrified, sings, which lulls him to sleep.


A lady in fair Seville city,
Who once fell in love very deep,
On her Spanish guitar played a ditty,
That lulled her old guardian to sleep.
With a hoo lira lira li ra li ra hoo.

Her guardian not given to dozing,
Was thought the most watchful of men-
But each strain had so sleepy a closing,
That he nodded, but soon woke again,
With a hoo lira, &c.

When Rosa observes Jack asleep, she examines the cavefinds the ladder, puts her foot up it, in order to get away. Hears a groan. Jack starts. Rosa runs down, R.H. catches up the banjo, and sings the last strain of her song, which again sets Jack to sleep. She then looks very cautiously roundfinding him fast asleep, attempts to make her escape up the ladder, when a deeper groan in heard: she returns, looks aboutat length discovers a door, L.H. covered with a matted curtain. Hears the groaning more distinctly: she draws the curtain hastily, and finds a grated dooropens it with difficultydiscovers the Captain lying, boundgives a shriek, runs from the door and falls on her face towards R.H.

August 2002

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