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About this hypertext

This volume is designed so that the interview with W.J.T. Mitchell and the gloss by Orrin N.C. Wang may be read through and against each other, much like the structure of Coleridge's Ancient Mariner transposed into a postmodern context. The critical innovation here is to use the web in such a way that views it as more than a mere repository of academic content, and to transform text into true hypertext. The two pieces do also appear on separate pages, which are reachable from the table of contents. Because the links may take you to different points in the page, you may have to use the back-arrow button on your browser to return to your starting point. The full text of the volume, like all hypertexts in the Romantic Circles Praxis Series, is fully searchable.

About the contributors

W.J.T. Mitchell teaches literature and art history at the University of Chicago, and is editor of Critical Inquiry.  His most recent book, Picture Theory, won the College Art Association's Morey Prize for Art History in 1996, and the University of Chicago Press's Laing Prize for overall distinction in 1997.  He is currently completing a new project, The Last Dinosaur Book, or the Totem of Modern Culture, forthcoming from Chicago in 1998.

Orrin N.C. Wang (Volume Editor) teaches in the Department of English and the Program of Comparative Literature at the University of Maryland at College Park. He has written articles on British romanticism, eighteenth-century literature, critical theory, and video; he is also the author of Fantastic Modernity: Dialectical Readings In Romanticism and Theory (Johns Hopkins UP, 1996). He is the general co-editor of the Romantic Circles Praxis Series, and is currently working on the significance of romanticism in an era of local knowledge.

Rita Raley (Assistant Volume Editor; Technical Editor) is a doctoral candidate in the Department of English at the University of California, Santa Barbara and is completing a dissertation on global English and the academy.