Fictions of Byron: An Annotated Bibliography
by G. Todd Davis



Byron, A Romantic Play in Four Acts. James Luby. 1897.

The play takes place during the last few days of Byron's life as he aids the Greek fight for independence against the tyranny of the Turks. Karaiskaki, a traitorous spy, hopes to give both Byron and Missolonghi to the Turks. He kidnaps Hatagee, Odysseus’s love interest, and returns her to the Turks. Byron effects a raid on the Turks while bargaining for Hatagee's life with the Pasha. A love triangle ensues between Karaiskaki, Byron, and a woman named Aglae, who adores Byron and spurns Karaiskaki's advances. Karaiskaki poisons Byron but also ends up poisoning Aglae. They die in each other's arms. An interesting twist on the fever diagnosis that many believe to be the cause of Byron's death in Missolonghi. Byron dies in the arms of a Greek woman, who has spurned a Greek man for the sake of the English Lord. This play does not mention Lukas or the love that Byron had for the young Greek man before he died. It also portrays Byron as being able to manage the Greeks with his extravagant gifts of money as well as conducting raids on the Turkish Pasha. He is very heroic, brave, and committed to ending the violence against women and children during this politically induced war.

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