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Viking Penguin/Intervisual Books, Inc.

"Nick Bantock, author of the Griffin and Sabine series, has put together a beautifully realized little book in G&S style. Some of the—what's the word? Representations, I guess—are haunting." —Megan O'Neill

"The pop-up book is cool--very dark." —Steven Jones

"A pop-up version of "Kubla Khan" is a great idea! I just finished talking with students about the effect of the verb "decree" in the second line -- the way it makes the dome seem to spring up by itself, without builders, almost as an effect of language. If I had only had the pop-up version of the text in hand!" —Ted Underwood

"As Steve mentions, the pop-up book has a very dark palette, as well as a dark atmosphere featuring images like bats, skulls and bat-winged pteradactyl-like skeletons. The pop-up dome that erects itself on the opening page is impressive. On the closing page is another dome that the reader erects, for a nice touch." —Melissa Sites