NASSR Annual Convention, 1998

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1798 and its Implications

Monday 6th - Friday 10th July 1998
Preliminary Conference Timetable

Important notes:
1. This is a provisional timetable only. The conference organisers cannot guarantee that papers will appear in the session advertised below, but will make every effort to ensure that they appear at some point on the day scheduled.

Speakers in 3-paper sessions should limit their papers to 20 minutes in duration, and those in 4-speaker sessions to 15 minutes. [However, those panels scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, when most sessions will last for 90 minutes rather than 75, are more flexible: check with your convenor]

2. Late changes. Late alterations to titles, details, etc. should be sent to:  

(a) Your panel convenor [if scheduled in a 'special session']
(b) Kathy Grant, English Dept. Secretary, at the following addresses:


~ or ~

St. Mary's University College, Strawberry Hill,
Twickenham, Middlesex, UK. TW1 4SX.

3. Rates for Day Delegates. Further to the information on the official conference booking form, day delegates should know that it is possible to attend the conference on an attendance-only basis (i.e. lunch & dinner excluded; however, the conference organisers cannot guarantee that the college's normal catering facilities will be available for the duration of the conference). The fee for "attendance only" will be 50 (i.e. the full conference fee). The discounted conference fee for students/unwaged is still available.

4. Further Information. For further booking forms, posters, hard copies of this provisional programme, and ALL OTHER ENQUIRIES, please contact Kathy Grant at the addresses above.

Looking forward to seeing you in July,

David Worrall, Julia Wright, Angela Esterhammer, Tim Burke



10 am onwards: Registration opens

(Location: College Reception)

1.00 - 2.15 Lunch (Refectory)

2.15 - 3.30 Plenary Lecture (chair: David Worrall)

Room: Waldegrave Drawing Room

Morton D. Paley (University of California, Berkeley)

title to be confirmed

3.30 - 4.00 Afternoon Tea


SESSION 1 "Conservative" Women Writers and the Late 1790s I

(Special Session organised by Jeanne Moskal)
Chair: Jeanne Moskal (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Gary Kelly (University of Alberta), "Counter-Revolutionary Feminism"
Jeanne Moskal (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), "Protestant National Identity in Mariana
    Starke's Letter from Italy"
Ann T. Gardiner (Freie Universitt Berlin and New York University), "Writing the Revolution and Self
   Censorship: Germanine de Stal's Circonstances Actuelles"

SESSION 2 Imperial Geographies I
John P. Waters (University of Notre Dame), "Southey and the Geography of Imperial Historiography"
Anthony J. Harding (University of Saskatchewan), "Olaudah Equiano's Interesting Narrative: Does the
    Freed Slave Collude with Empire?"
Nanora Sweet (University of Missouri at St. Louis), "Hemans and the Battle of the Nile: A Poetics of Dispersal"

SESSION 3 Historical Contexts
M. K. Schuchard (Atlanta GA), "Blake, Barruel, and Robison: Swedenborgians, Illuminists, and the
    'Myth' of Masonic Conspiracy in 1798"
Robert Glen (University of New Haven), "Shrinking Women's Religious Sphere: The British
    Methodist Crisis and Mulatto Women in the Caribbean"
Harriet Kramer Linkin (New Mexico State University), "Mary Tighe and the Rebellion of 1798: The
    Politics of 'Written at Scarborough' and 'Bryan Byrne'"

5.30 - 6.30 Principal's Reception

6.45 - 7.45 Evening dinner (Refectory)

8.15 approx. Guided tour of Horace Walpole's gothic house
Please assemble in the Senior Common Room at around 8.15 p.m.



SESSION 4 The Enlightenment Twilight: Music in Transition
    (Special Session organised by Lawrence Kramer)
    Chair: Lawrence Kramer (Fordham University)
Michael Arshagouni (Sherman Oaks CA), "Bridging the Gap: Reichardt's Die Geisterinsel as a Link
    Between the Worlds of Enlightenment and Romanticism"
Matthew Head (University of Southampton), "'Wann faengt das neunzehnte Jahrhundert an': Centennial
    Discourses Around Haydn and Eighteenth-Century Music"
Lawrence Kramer (Fordham University), "Hands On, Lights Off: 1798 and the Birth of Sex at the Piano"

SESSION 5 Romantic Hot Zones I
    Special Session organised by Debbie Lee)
    Chair: Debbie Lee
Srinivas Aravamudan (University of Washington), "Tropical Baptisms: Colonialism, Christian Conversion,
    and Maritime Mortality"
Debbie Lee and Tim Fulford (Nottingham Trent University), "Cow Mania"
Alan Bewell (University of Toronto), "Coleridge Cured Beforehand"
Nigel Leask (Cambridge University), "Travelling Blues"

SESSION 6 Coleridge and Hazlitt
Michael John Kooy (University of Oxford), "The New Patriotism and Coleridge's Quarto Pamphlet of 1798"
Uttara Natarajan (University of Liverpool), "Hazlitt's 'First Acquaintance': 1798, Coleridge, and the
    Unitarian Connection"

11.00 - 11.30 Morning Coffee


SESSION 7 Reforming the Stage: Romantic Drama in Theory and Practice I
    (Special Session organised by Philip Cox)
    Chair: Philip Cox (Sheffield Hallam University)
Programme to be confirmed

SESSION 8 The Haunting of Lyrical Ballads I
    (Special Session organised by Karen Weisman)
    Chair: Karen Weisman (University of Toronto at Erindale)
Thomas Pfau (Duke University), "'Long Before the Time of Which I Speak': Traumatic History in
Arkady Plotnitsky (Duke University), "The Prose of Poetry: Ordinary, Extraordinary, and Extra-extraordinary
    after Lyrical Ballads"
Karen Weisman (University of Toronto at Erindale), "Lyrical Ballads and the Time of Poetry"

SESSION 9 The Joseph Johnson Circle
Mark S. Lussier (Arizona State University), "William Blake in 1798"
Harriet Devine Jump (Edge Hill University College), "'Poor Mary': Wollstonecraft's Posthumous Reputation"
Andrew Lincoln (Queen Mary and Westfield College), "What Was Published in 1798?"

1.00-2.15 Lunch (Refectory)


SESSION 10 Romantic Palimpsests I
    (Special Session organised by Philip W. Martin)
Jennifer Davis Michael, "Blake and the Palimpsests of the City"
Paul Yoder, "Gouging Jerusalem"

SESSION 11 Transpositions: Gothic, Romantic, and Sublime
Michael Gamer (University of Pennsylvania), "'An Ode in Mrs. Ratcliff's Manner': 'The Mad Monk' and
    the Greater Romantic Lyric"
John Pipkin (Boston University), "Baillie, Wordsworth, Burke and the Genesis of the Romantic Aesthetic"
Jacqueline M. Labbe (University of Sheffield), "Deflected Violence and Dream-Visions in Mary Robinson's
    Lyrical Tales"

SESSION 12 Rhetorical Figures
Laura J. George (Eastern Michigan University), "William Wordsworth and the Figures of Fashion"
Pam Perkins (University of Manitoba), "Anne Grant"
Christine Cooper (University of Massachusetts), "Reading Wollstonecraft: Amelia Opie's Adeline Mowbray
    and the Miscarriage of Maternal Political Agency"

3.45 - 4.15 Afternoon Tea


SESSION 13 Drawing The Wordsworth Circle I
    (Special Session organised by Kenneth Johnston)
    Chair: Kenneth Johnston (Indiana University)
Alice Jenkins (University of Glasgow), "Inclusion or Expulsion? Humphry Davy and the Wordsworth Circle"
Judith Thompson (Dalhousie University), "The Silent Partner: John Thelwall in/out of Lyrical Ballads"
Marilyn Gaull (NYU/Temple), "Joseph Johnson: Radical Publisher, Literary Catalyst"
Robert Maniquis (UCLA), "Joseph Priestly, Radical Language Theory, and Wordsworth's 'Preface'"

SESSION 14 The Athenaeum Project and its Implications
    (Special Session organised by Martha Helfer)
    Chair: Martha Helfer (University of Utah)
Olaf Berwald (University of North Carolina), "Meine Beiden Ichs starrten sich ganz verwundert an':
    Opthalmic Fear and Subject Deformation in Guenderrode"
Sophie Thomas (University of Toronto at Mississauga), "'Critical Fragments': After The Athenaeum"
Gavin Budge (University of Central England in Birmingham), "German 'Romantic Irony' and British Romantic
    Writing: A Comparative Perspective on a Historical Difficulty"

SESSION 15 The Romantic Body
The Romantic Body: Rebecca Gagan (University of Western Ontario), "University Bodies 1798/1998:
    Kant's Illnesses and The Conflict of Faculties"
Paul Youngquist (Penn State University), "Lyrical Bodies: Wordsworth's Physiological Aesthetics"
Aled Ganobscik-Williams (University of Wales), "Intellectuals and Class in Malthus's Essay on Population"

5.45 - 6.45 Publishers' Reception (Routledge)

7.00 Evening Dinner (Refectory)

8.00 Plenary Lecture (chair: Julia Wright)
    Room: Waldegrave Drawing Room
    Ina Ferris
    "Bodily Effects: Reading Irish Rebellion in the 1820s"



SESSION 16 Reforming the Stage: Romantic Drama in Theory and Practice II
    (Special Session organised by Philip Cox)
    Chair: Philip Cox (Sheffield Hallam University)
    Programme to be confirmed

SESSION 17 Historical Engagements
Jeffrey Robinson (University of Colorado), "William Hazlitt's 'My First Acquaintance with Poets': 1798 and the
    Autobiography of a Cultural Critic"
Chris Ferns (Mount Saint Vincent University), "The Antiquary and 1798: Walter Scott and the End of History"
Tilottama Rajan (University of Western Ontario), "1798 and After: Godwin, Wollstonecraft, and Revolutionary

SESSION 18 Crossing National Borders
Elizabeth Kraft (University of Georgia), "Transcending Nationalism: Charlotte Smith's The Young
    Philosoper and the British Past"
Fabienne Moore (Newy York University), "'Du Roman a l'etat romantique': The Crossing of 1798 in
    Chateaubriand's Memoires d'outre-tombe"

10.15 - 10.45 Morning Coffee


SESSION 19 Romantic Palimpsests II
    (Special Session organised by Philip W. Martin)
Chris Koenig-Woodyard, "Electronic palimpsests"
Nancy Moore Goslee, Blotting and Revising the Mind's Histories in The Triumph of Life"
Phil Martin, "Writing All Over Again: Palimpsests, Drafts, Fair Copies"

SESSION 20 "Who Fears to Speak of '98?": Ireland, Rebellion, and Romanticism I
    (Special Session organised by Tim Burke)
    Chair: Tim Burke (St. Mary's University College, Strawberry Hill)
M. J. Corbett (Miami University), "Between History and Fiction: Plotting Rebellion in Maria Edgworth's Ennui"
Geraldine Friedman (Purdue University), "Rereading 1798: Melancholy and Desire in the Construction of
    Edgeworth's Anglo-Irish Union"
Clona Gallachoir (University of Cambridge), "1798 and the Historical Imagination of the Anglo-Irish: Maria
    Edgeworth's Ennui"

SESSION 21 Intertexts and Paratexts
Ashley Cross (Manhattan College), "Mary Robinson's Lyrical Tales and the Problem of Literary Debt"
Sharon Setzer (North Carolina State University), "The Epistolary Sub-Text of Mary Robinson's Memoirs"
David M. Baulch (Western Washington University), "'Darkness that succeeded in tenfold degree': Charles
    Brockden Brown's Wieland (1798) and its Influence on Percy Bysshe Shelley"


SESSION 22 Coleridge (1798) and Freud (1898): Miracles and Dreams I
    (Special Session organised by David Punter)
    Chair: David Punter (University of Stirling)
Programme to be confirmed

SESSION 23 Comparative Literary Histories
    (Special Session organised by Angela Esterhammer)
    Chair: Angela Esterhammer (University of Western Ontario/Freie Universitt Berlin)
Cyris Hamlin (Yale University), "1798: The Year of the Lyrical Ballad in Germany and England"
Kari Lokke (University of California at Davis), "Karoline von Gunderode and Letitia Landon: Romantic Poetry
    as Self-Consumption"
Susanne Schmid (Freie Universitt Berlin), "Shelley in Germany"

SESSION 24 The Alien and the Familiar
Mark Canuel (University of Illinois at Chicago), "The Economy of Belief in the Regional Novel: Edgeworth
    and Morgan"
Charles Mahoney (University of Connecticut), "Intimations of Apostasy"
David L. Clark (McMaster University), "Kant's Close Encounters: The Anthropology and Its Aliens"

1.15 - 2.15 Lunch (Refectory)

2.30 Trip to Painshill Park, Esher.
Assemble at Reception by 2.30 p.m.

6.45 - 7.45 Evening Dinner (Refectory)

8.00 - 9.15 Plenary Lecture (Chair t.b.c.)
Room: Waldegrave Drawing Room
Winnifried Menninghaus
title to be confirmed


9.00 - 10.15 NASSR MEETING (and other association meetings)

10.15 - 10.45 Morning Coffee


SESSION 25 Drawing the Wordsworth Circle II
    (Special Session organised by Kenneth Johnston)
    Chair: Kenneth Johnston (Indiana University)
Charles Rzepka (Boston University), "'All the Business of the Elements': The First Wordsworth Circle and
    the 'Spots of Time' in the 1798-1799 Prelude"
John Rieder (University of Hawaii at Manoa), "Drawing the Circle of Wordsworth's Readers: The Friend,
    the Stranger, and the Spot in The Prelude"
Guinn Batten (University of St. Louis), "'I Was a Chosen Son': How Dorothy and Nature Preserved the Poet
    in 1798 and After"
Nicola Trott (University of Glasgow), "Wordsworth's Gothic Quandry"

SESSION 26 Forms of Desire
Lisa Vargo (University of Saskatchewan), "The Implications of Desire: Tabitha Bramble and the Lyrical Tales"
Ghislaine McDayter (Bucknell University), "Licentious Democrats': The Irish Rebellion of 1798 in Lady
    Caroline Lamb's Glenarvon"

SESSION 27 The Lake Poets and Textual Relations
Helen Thomas (Oxford Brookes University), "1798: Wilberforce, the Wordsworths and Abolition"
John Morillo (North Carolina State University), "The Shade of Alexander Pope on the Banks of the Thames
    (1798): Wordsworth's Pope meets Mathias' Pope"
Evan Radcliffe (Villanova University), "'Unremembered Acts': Godwin, Burke, and 'Tintern Abbey'"
Alex Dick (University of Western Ontario), "'Solemn Humbug': Coleridge, Malthus, and the Economy of 1798"

12.00 - 1.15 Plenary Lecture (Chair t.b.c.)
    Room: Waldegrave Drawing Room

    Lucy Newlyn (St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford)

    'Reading Aloud: "An Ambiguous Accompaniment"?'

1.15 - 2.15 Lunch (Refectory)


SESSION 28 Romantic Palimpsests III
    (Special Session organised by Philip W. Martin)
Michael Macovski, "Romantic History as Palimpsest (Byron)"
Nicholas Joukovsky, "Romantic plagiarism"

SESSION 29 Coleridge (1798) and Freud (1898): Miracles and Dreams II
    (Special Session organised by David Punter)
    Chair: David Punter (University of Stirling)
Programme to be confirmed

SESSION 30 The Sublime
Peter Otto (University of Melbourne), "Blake, Young, and the Politics of Transcendence"
Nicholas M. Williams (Indiana University), "'Bewildering Dreams and Extravagant Fancies': The Sublime of
    Population in Thomas Malthus"
Michael Hamburger (Boston University), "'The Mighty Power of Population': Malthus's Essay, Burke's
    Enquiry, and the Politics of the Demographic Sublime"

3.30 - 4.00 Afternoon Tea


SESSION 31 "Conservative" Women Writers and the Late 1790s II
    (Special Session organised by Jeanne Moskal)
    Chair: Jeanne Moskal (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Amanda Gilroy (University of Groningen), "`Candid Advice to the Fair Sex': or, the Politics of Maternity in
    Britain in the 1790s"
Chris Jones (University of Wales, Bangor), "Fragmented Discourses in the Novel: Mary Ann Hanway's
    Ellinor; or, the World As It Is"
Christine Roulston (University of Western Ontario), "Conservative Romanticism and the Structuring of Desire
    in Sophie Cottin's Claire d'Albe and Madame de Krudener's Valerie"

SESSION 32 The Haunting of Lyrical Ballads II
    (Special Session organised by Karen Weisman)
    Chair: Karen Weisman (University of Toronto at Erindale)
Peter Manning (University of Southern California), "Troubling the Borders: Lyrical Ballads 1798 and 1998"
Joel Pace (Oxford University), "A New Text and Context: The Publication, Reception and Influence of the
    Lyrical Ballads in America"
Heidi Thomson (Victoria University of Wellington), "The Vision of Circumscription in the Lyrical Ballads"

SESSION 33 The Blake Circle
Julie Raby (University of York), " 'This is the very painting of my fear': Henry Fuseli's Representations of
Keri Davies (St. Mary's University College, Strawberry Hill), "Alexander Tilloch: Original and Stereotype"
Chantelle McPhee (University of Glasgow), "Blake's Illustrations to Young's Night Thoughts: 'A Letter by
    any other name' "

5.15 - 6.15 Heather Diamond: P. B. Shelley event

6.15 - 7.15 Publisher's Reception (Macmillan)

(5.15 - 7.15) (NASSR advisory board meeting)

7.30 Conference dinner (Waldegrave Drawing Room)



SESSION 34 "Who Fears to Speak of '98?": Ireland, Rebellion, and Romanticism II
    (Special Session organised by Tim Burke)
    Chair: Tim Burke (St. Mary's University College, Strawberry Hill)
Julia M. Wright (University of Waterloo, Ontario), "`National Feeling': Teeling's Memoirs of 1798"
Tilar J. Mazzeo (University of Washington), "`The truth is also an Allegory of Empire' : Ireland, India, and
    Documentary Style in the National Tale "
Julie M. Costello (University of Notre Dame), "`Like those of Ninety Eight' : Nationalism, Gender, and
    Anti-Romanticism in The Memory of the Dead, A Romantic Drama of `98 in Three Acts"

SESSION 35 Romantic Palimpsests IV
    (Special Session organised by Philip W. Martin)
Cliff Siskin, "What was Enlightenment?"
Jo McDonagh, "Palimpsests, Population, Romantic Conceptions of History"
Andrew Bennett, "Beginning The Prelude"

SESSION 36 Imperial Geographies II
Francis Lo (University of Sussex), "Landor's Gebir and the Napoleonic Invasion of Egypt"
Lynda Pratt (Queen's University, Belfast), "Naval Contemplation: The British Navy, National Identity
    and National Poetics in 1798"
Diego Saglia (University of Bath), " 'The Wealth of Foreign Climes': Felicia Hemans, Trade, and the Spoils
    of Empire"

10.15 - 10.45 Morning Coffee


SESSION 37 Leigh Hunt's Cockney School: Contesting the Legacy of 1798
    Chair: Jeffrey N. Cox (Texas A & M. University)
Jeffrey N. Cox (Texas A & M University), "The Cockney School: The Lake School's 'Other'"
Timothy Webb (University of Bristol), "Leigh Hunt and the Politics of Romanticism"
Greg Kucich (University of Notre Dame), "'The Wit in the Dungeon': Leigh Hunt and the Gender Politics
    of Cockney Coteries"

SESSION 38 Re-Reading the Lake Poets
Deborah Elise White (Columbia University), "On the Way to Germany: The Language of Grammar and
    the Grammar of Imagination in Satyrane's Letters"
Heather Jackson (University of Toronto), "Lucy Revived"
Heejeong Cho (Michigan State University), "Rethinking Wordsworth's 'Twaddling Stuff': George Eliot's
    Reading of the Lyrical Ballads in Adam Bede"

SESSION 39 Romantic Hot Zones II: The South Seas
    (Special Session organised by Peter Kitson)
Peter Kitson (University of Wales, Bangor), " 'Till Cook the untrack'd billow past!': Romantic Representations
    of Cook and the South Pacific"
Tim Fulford (Nottingham Trent University), "Forbidden Fruit, Romanticism, Breadfruit and Polynesia"
Timothy Morton, "The Poetics of Primitivist Accumulation"

12.00 - 1.15 Plenary Lecture (Chair t.b.c.)

Room: Waldegrave Drawing Room

Nicholas Roe (University of St. Andrews)

"Romantic Anatomies"

1.15 - 2.15 Lunch (Refectory)

2.15 Close of Conference

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