NASSR Annual Conventions, 1999

Note: The formatting of the following program follows the original. We have made only minor changes throughout, correcting obvious errors and making some listings more uniform to facilitate electronic searching.

NASSR 1999 Preliminary Program

THURSDAY, AUGUST 12: Romanticism on a New World Stage
Sessions 1, 2, 3; Beatrice Chancy

FRIDAY, AUGUST 13: New Romantic Media
Sessions 4, 5, 6; Viscomi Plenary; Chancy Plenary Panel; Harbour Tour and Banquet

SATURDAY, AUGUST 14: Embodying Romanticisms
Sessions 7, 8, 9; Bewell Plenary; Kilgour Plenary; Masked Ball

SUNDAY, AUGUST 15: Euromanticisms past, passing and to come...
Sessions 10, 11, 12



1:00-10:00 p.m.: AIRPORT GREETER
7:30-10:00 p.m.: EARLY REGISTRATION

Romanticism on a New World Stage

9:00a.m.-3:30 p.m.: AIRPORT GREETER
8:30-10:00 a.m. and all day: REGISTRATION
10:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. BOOK DISPLAY

9:45 a.m.: INFORMALWELCOME from the NASSR '99 Steering Committee

10:00-11:30 a.m. SESSION ONE

1A. Romanticism and the New World
Haliburton Room
MODERATOR: Andy Seaman (Saint Mary's)
William D.Brewer (Appalachian State): "Charlotte Smith and the American Agrarian Ideal"
Nanora Sweet (Missouri-St.Louis): "Recreating 'The Forest Sanctuary' at Halifax: Felicia Hemans and T.H. Browne"
Chris Koenig-Woodyard (Oxford): "'Beneath the Sternness of Acadian Skies: The Canadian 'Village' of Oliver Goldsmith"

1B. Staging the New I: Imperialism and Colonialism
Evangeline Room
MODERATOR: Greg Kucich (Notre Dame)
Jeffrey Cox (Colorado-Boulder):"Staging Slavery: `My pain is dere game'"
Marjean Purinton (Texas Tech): "British Women Playwrights: 'New' Perspectives on the Commerical/Colonial Enterprise"
Daniel O'Quinn (Guelph): "Colonial Spectacles: the Irish Vizier and the Female Knight in James Cobb's Ramah Droog"

1C. Romantic Dramatic Forms: Performing the Subject, Gender and the State
Moodie Room
Special Session: Marjorie Stone (Dalhousie)
Trish Lootens (Georgia): "Drama and Monologues: Pre-Victorian Performance in the Writing of Letitia Landon"
Michael Kohler (SUNY Binghampton): "Governmentality, the younger Kean's drama, and the 'dramatic lyric'"

1D. (Re)Placing Romanticism
Screening Room
MODERATOR: David Fuller (University of Durham)
Anne D. Wallace (Southern Mississippi): "'Sense of Place': A New-Fashioned Critical Romanticism"
Julia Wright (Waterloo): "Divisive Geographies and Sympathetic Travellers: Owenson's The Missionary"
Nahoko Miyamoto (Toronto): "Wales and America in Shelley's Queen Mab and Southey's Madoc"

11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. LUNCH
NASSR Advisory Board Meeting (closed)

1:00-3:00 p.m. SESSION TWO

2A. New World Romanticisms
Haliburton Room
MODERATOR: Jill Heydt-Stevenson (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Deanna Turner (New York): "'Rip Van Winkle,' 'Kubla Khan,' and the Poetics of Fragmented Dreams"
James A. Butler (La Salle): "Home (at Grasmere and On the Range): Wordsworth and Owen Wister's The Virginian"
Hugo Azérad (Cambridge): "Romanticism Unbound: Faulkner's Epiphanic Style"

2B. New Texts and Textual Scholarship
Evangeline Room
Special Session: Anthony Harding (Saskatchewan)
Paul Magnuson (New York): "Reading paratextually: Coleridge's 'Monody on the Death of Chatterton'"
David Fuller (Durham): "Modernizing Blake: the 'Longman Annotated Texts' Blake"
David Baulch (West Florida): "Multiple Plurality: Hypertext and William Blake's The Four Zoas Manuscript"
Michael O'Neill (Durham): "Editing Shelley's Shorter Poems: The Critical Implications"

2C. Women Poets, Subjectivity and Dramatic Forms
Moodie Room
Special Session: Marjorie Stone (Dalhousie)
Nancy Paul (Queens, Kingston): "Foregrounding the Dramatic Monologue: Sarah Fielding and the Labyrinths of the Mind"
Lisa Vargo (Saskatchewan): "Romantic Poems and Revisionary Histories of the Dramatic Monologue: Mary Robinson and Tabitha Bramble"
Suzanne Waldman (Dalhousie): "Female Subjectivity as Drama in Hemans' Records of Woman"
Patricia Rigg (Acadia): "Augusta Webster's Portraits: Looking Through the Eye"

2D. Romantic History and the Passing of the New
Screening Room
MODERATOR: Pam Perkins (University of Manitoba)
Justin Baird (Western Ontario): "Causeless Aversion: Godwin, Hume and Traumatic History"
Michael Macovski (Fordham): "Gibbon, Goldsmith and Historiography: Romantic Conceptions of Temporality"
Mark Canuel (Illinois-Chicago): "Keats, Sectarianism and the Art of Obsolescence"
Michael T. Williamson (Indiana U of Pennsylvania): "Felicia Hemans's Elegiac Poetry and the Contaminations of New Grief"

2E. Romanticism and New Sciences
Prince Hall
MODERATOR: Gordon McOuat (Kings)
Andrew Seaman (St. Marys): "Thoughts on the Implications of Chaos and Complexity Theory"
Ron Broglio (Florida): "(Thermo) Dynamic Transformation Countering Organic Growth"
Vicky L. Adams (Alabama): "Mary Shelley's Novels, Romanticism and Ecology"
John Greenway (Kentucky): "`Øersted's Acoustics and Danish Romanticism"

3:00-3:30 p.m. "BREAK, BREAK, BREAK..."
3:30-5:00 p.m. SESSION THREE

3A. Staging the New II: Gendered Perspectives
Haliburton Room
MODERATOR: Julie Carlson (California at Santa Barbara)
Jane Moody (York, England): "Performance as Sensation"
Sarah McCleave (Queen's, Belfast): "The Shaping of Galatée: Imagery and Passion in the Life and Career of Marie Sallé"
Daniela Garofalo (Maryland): "Byron's Sardanapolous: a New Era of Peace and the Anachronism of Martial Leadership"

3B. Transatlantic Romanticism
Evangeline Room
Special Session: Joel Pace (Oxford/Wisconsin)
Karen Karbiener (Columbia): "The Eagle's 'I': Wordsworth's Presence in Whitman's Furtive Backward Glances"
Astrid Wind (Oxford): "Sheridan's Pizarro and the Politics of Staging American Indians"
Bruce Graver (Providence): "Baillie and the Bostonians"

3C. The Cenci Today
Moodie Room
Special Session: Mark Bruhn (Regis)
Victoria Myers (Pepperdine): "The Trials of The Cenci"
George Elliott Clarke (Duke/Toronto): "Racing Shelley's The Cenci, or Reading Incest as Slavery"
Mark Bruhn (Regis): "Indicting Silence: Shelley's Drama of Decorum"

3D. Nouvelle Cuisine
Screening Room
MODERATOR: David McNeil (Dalhousie)
Timothy Fulford (Nottingham on Trent): "Romanticism, Breadfruit & Slavery"
Timothy Morton (Colorado): "Antiquing"
Pamela Perkins (Manitoba): "A Taste for Scottish Fiction: Christian Johnstone's Cook and Housewife's Manual"

5:30-6:30 p.m., Kings President's Lodge

6:30-8:00 p.m.,

8:00-10:00 p.m., Alderney Landing Theatre, Dartmouth

New Romantic Media

10:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. BOOK DISPLAY

8:30-10:00 a.m. SESSION FOUR

4A. Romantics as News: Authorship and New Media Technologies
Haliburton Room
Special Session: Lisa M. Wilson (Buffalo)
Lisa M.Wilson (Buffalo): "Mary Robinson and the Della Cruscans: Romantic Media Technologies and the Construction of a Female Poet-Celebrity"
Suzanne Ferriss (Nova Southeastern): "L.E.L.: Fame, Femininity and Female Authorship"
Ghislaine McDayter (Bucknell): "Convulsions in Rhyme: Byromania, Hysteria and Literary Commodification"

4B. Romanticism and Slavery: Interventions and Representations
Evangeline Room
MODERATOR: Jeffrey Cox (Colorado at Boulder)
Deborah Kennedy (St. Mary's): "Helen Maria Williams and the Long Campaign against the Slave Trade"
Mary Kelly Persyn (The University of Virginia's College at Wise): "Can the subaltern be heard?: The Haitian Revolution and the Romantics"
Terry Provost (Concordia): "The Imagi/Nation in Naming: Re/Veiwing the Enlightenment through Negresse or Portrait of a Negro Slave"

4C. Coleridge between Press and Podium
Moodie Room
MODERATOR: Michael Cobden (Kings)
Robert Lapp (Mt. Allison): "Romanticism Repackaged: the New Faces of Old Man Coleridge in Fraser's Magazine 1830-32"
Sarah Zimmerman (Fordham): "Staging Instruction: Coleridge and the Emergence of the Public Literary Lecture"

4D. Romanticism and the New Psychology I
Screening Room
Special Session: Alan Richardson (Boston College)
Alan Richardson (Boston College): "Romanticism and the New Psychology, Then and Now"
David Miall (Alberta): "Reading Nature: Coleridge's Kinaesthetic Landscapes"
Beth Lau (California State-Long Beach): "Wordsworth, Memory and Cognitive Neuroscience"

10:00-10:15 a.m. SHORT BREAK
10:15 a.m.-11:30 noon: Plenary
Prince Hall


Joe Viscomi (North Carolina):
author of Blake and the Idea of the Book (1993), co-editor of two volumes in The Illuminated Books of William Blake (1993), and of the on-line William Blake Archive

Introduced and moderated by Ronald Tetreault (Dalhousie).

11:45 am-12:45 p.m. LUNCH
12:45-2:15 p.m. SESSION FIVE

5A. Romanticism and the News
Haliburton Room
MODERATOR: Robert Lapp (Mount Allison)
Jonathan Mulrooney (Boston): "Hazlitt the Reporter"
Kim Wheatley (William and Mary): "A Fresh Look at the Wat Tyler Controversy"
Richard Matlak (Holy Cross): "Wordsworth and the Publicity over his Brother's Death at Sea"

5B. New Words, New Voices
Evangeline Room
MODERATOR: Haley Bordo (Western Ontario)
Angela Esterhammer (Western Ontario): "Romanticism and the New Speech Act"
Anne Urbancic (Toronto): "Niccolo Tommaseo: Protosemiotician"

5C. Aesthetics and the New Canon: Challenges of Class and Gender
Moodie Room
MODERATOR: John Rieder (Hawaii)
Kevin Binfield (Murray State): "Towards a Working Class Romanticism: The Aesthetics of the Luddites"
Katherine Harris (New York): "Considerable Minorities in British Annuals/Gift Books: A Selection of Poetry Published in Friendship's Offering"
Frankie Allmon (Indiana): "Paradoxes of Propriety and Property: The 'melancholy tale' of Hannah More and Ann Yearsley"

5D. Blake and the Technological Text
Screening Room
MODERATOR: John Greenway (Kentucky)
Kevin D. Hutchings (Western Ontario): "Illicit Prophecy: Blake's Antinomian Response to Newton"
Warren Cariou (British Columbia): "Blake and the Eucharistic Machine: Technology and Mimesis in The Four Zoas and Milton"
Arkady Plotnitsky (Purdue): "Materiality and Conceptuality in Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell"

2:15-2:30 p.m. SHORT BREAK
2:30-4:15 p.m. SESSION SIX

6A. Digitizing Romanticism
Prince Hall
Special Session: Neil Fraistat (Maryland)
These presentations have been mounted on the Romantic Circles website.
Theresa M. Kelley (Texas-Austin) and Richard Sha (American): "The Sister Arts go Digital: The Romantic Circles Art Gallery"
Emma Clery (Sheffield Hallam): "The Corvey Project Website: Collaborative Excavation of the Professional Woman Writer 1790-1840"
Thomas Crochunis (Brown) and Michael Eberle-Sinatra (Oxford): "Editing Electronically Women Playwrights of the Romantic Period"
Kyle Grimes (Alabama): "Beyond the Paper Chase: A Comprehensive Online Romantics Bibliography"

6B. Romanticism and Chaos
Evangeline Room
Special Session: Hugh Roberts (California-Irvine)
Charles Snodgrass (Texas A and M): "Fractal Borders of Scotland within Britain; or, How Long is the Coastline of Romanticism?"
Clifford J. Marks (Wyoming): "Ethics and Chaos: Shelley's 'Triumph of Life'"
R. Paul Yoder (Arkansas-Little Rock): "Self-Similarity in Blake's Jerusalem"

6C. The Red and the Green: Rethinking the Relation between Ecocriticism and Ideological Criticism
Moodie Room
Special Session: Robert Anderson (Oakland)
Michael Kohler (SUNY Binghampton): "A Romantic Critique of Environmental Modernization"
Gary Harrison (New Mexico): "Millennial Ecology: Malthus and Young on Population and Agriculture"
Thomas Hothem (Rochester): "Romantic Ecology and Visual Aesthetics: Re-reading WW's Guide to the Lakes"

6D. Romanticism and the New Psychology II
Screening Room
Special Session: Alan Richardson (Boston College)
Matt Green: "Disruptions of Identity: Points of Intersection between Blake's Urizen Books and Cognitive Neuroscience"
Michael G. Miller (Murray State): "Modern Neuroscience and Coleridge's Theory of the Imagination"
Robert C. Hale (Texas A and M): "'The Danger of a Mother's Voice': Identification and Wordsworth's 'Her Eyes are Wild'"
Cynthia Whissell (Laurentian): "Dimensions of Linguistic and Emotional Style: Computerized Analysis of the Prototypical Romantic Poets"

4:15-5:00 p.m. BREAK to get to the Delta Barrington
5:00-6:30p.m. Sackville Room, Delta Barrington Hotel
Public Plenary Panel


George Elliott Clarke, author (Duke/Toronto)
Maureen Moynagh, professor (St. Francis Xavier)
Sylvia Hamilton, filmmaker
David States, historian

7:00-10:00 p.m. Murphy's on the Waterfront

Music supplied by Brae Celtic Music, in the Scottish, Irish and Cape Breton Traditions

SATURDAY AUGUST 14 (joint day with IGA)
Embodying Romanticisms

10:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. BOOK DISPLAY

8:30-10:00 a.m. SESSION SEVEN

7A. New Boots, New Bodies
Haliburton Room
MODERATOR: Joel Faflak (Western)
Marc Redfield (Claremont Graduate): "Harold Bloom's Body"
James Allard (Waterloo): "'Mortal, Immortal': Embodying Keats"
Paul Youngquist (Penn State): "Byron's New Boot: Poetry, Politics and the Prosthetic Body"

7B. Romantic Women Writers and the Novel
Evangeline Room
MODERATOR: Candace Ward (Illinois State)
Irena Nikolova (Western Ontario): "Mary Shelley's Valperga and the Prophecies of History"
Judith Davis Miller (Sacred Heart): "Charlotte Smith and the Limits of Utopian Vision"
Shelley King (Queens, Kingston): "New Definitions of Gender Codes in Adeline Mowbray"

7C. New Approaches to the Conversation Poems
Moodie Room
MODERATOR: Judith Thompson (Dalhousie/Kings)
David Rogner (Concordia, Illinois): "Coleridge in the Claude Glass: A New Look at the Conversation Poems"
Daniel E. White (Puget Sound): "Coleridgean Dissent and the Conversation Poems:Sermoni Propriora'"

7D. New Subjectivities, New Identities
Screening Room
MODERATOR: Jerry Hogle (Arizona)
Laura Quinney (Brandeis): "Byron, Shelley and the Attrition of Consciousness" Andrea Henderson (Michigan): "Keats, Tighe and the Remaking of the Soul"
Debbie Lee (Washington State): "Romantic Lies"

10:00-10:30 a.m. "BREAK, BREAK, BREAK..."
10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. SESSION EIGHT

8A. Byron's New Clothes
Haliburton Room
MODERATOR:Robert Anderson (Oakland)
Laura George (Eastern Michigan): "Byronism and the Dandy as Hero: New Varieties of Masculinity under Commodity Capitalism"
Nicholas Mason (SUNY-Stony Brook): "`Bookselling, backshop, Paternoster Row, paltry proceedings': Byron and the Creation of the Brand-Name Author"
Jacqueline Pitcher (Acadia): "`A path to perpetuity of fame': Byron and Celebrity"

8B. Coleridge: the New Text
Evangeline Room
MODERATOR: Michael O'Neill (Durham)
Nicholas Halmi (McMaster): "The Norton Critical `Coleridge's Poetry and Prose'"
Murray J. Evans (Winnipeg): "What's New in Coleridge's Opus Maximum?-and the Case of the 'Unsatisfactory' Ending to the 'Essays on Method' in The Friend"
Alison Hickey (Wellesley): "The Body of My Father's Writings: Sara Coleridge's Genial Labour"

8C. New Approaches to Marriage and Female Sexuality in Romantic Fiction
Moodie Room
MODERATOR: Shelley King (Queens)
John Pierce (Queens, Kingston): "Theory, Practice and Double Critique in Amelia Opie's Adeline Mowbray"
Sarah Emsley (Dalhousie): "A New Kind of Marriage in Secresy and Sense and Sensibility"
Jill Heydt-Stevenson (Colorado-Boulder): "'New' Sources of Bawdy Pleasure in Jane Austen's Novels"

8D. Barbauld: New Readings
Screening Room
MODERATOR: Lisa Vargo (Saskatchewan)
Karen Hadley (Kentucky): "The Wealth of Nations, or the Happiness of Nations?: Barbauld's Malthusian Critique in 'Eighteen Hundred and Eleven'"
Haley Bordo (Western Ontario): "'Crossing Lines': Anna Lætitia Barbauld's 'Washing-Day' and the Performance of Genre"
William R. Hooton III (Duquesne): "The Universal Tongue of Nature Unitarianism, Pantheism and Anna Barbauld's 'The Mouse's Petition'"

12:00-1:15 p.m. LUNCH
NASSR Business Meeting (Everyone Welcome!)

1:30-3:00 p.m.
Prince Hall


Alan Bewell (Toronto):
author ofWordsworth and the Enlightenment (1989), Romanticism and Colonial Disease (1999), Medicine and the West Indian Slave Trade (1999)

Introduced and moderated by Tim Fulford (Nottingham Trent)

3:00-3:30 a.m. "BREAK, BREAK, BREAK..."
3:30-5:30 p.m. SESSION NINE

9A. Romantic Fevers
Haliburton Room
Special Session: Patricia deMeo (Dalhousie)
Katherine T. Meiners (Moorhead State): "Suffering, Rehabilitation, Reputation: Sara and S.T. Coleridge"
Candace Ward (Illinois State): "'A Fit of Illness': Sick Bodies and Aching Hearts"
Jock Murray (Dalhousie): "Medicine in Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo"
Marcia Allentuck (City U of NY):"Sir Humphrey Davy's Salmonia: Romantic Ecocriticism and the Angling Cure"

9B. Back to the Future: Romanticism and Technologies of Production
Evangeline Room
Special Session: Dino Felluga (Purdue)
Geraldine Friedman (Purdue): "Mary Diana Dods & Queer Romantic Modernity: Pseudonymy, Passing & the Limits of Biography"
Scott Hess (Harvard): "Death and the Author: Wordsworth, the Epitaph, Self-Representation and the British Print Market"
Dino Felluga (Purdue): "`With a most voiceless thought': Byron and the Radicalism of Textual Culture"

9C. The Bodies of Romanticism
Moodie Room
MODERATOR: John Pierce (Queens)
Glen Brewster (Wesfield State College): "The Distintegration of the Social Body in Blake and Mary Shelley"
M. Royce Kallerud (Truman State): "The Body Politic and Shelley's The Last Man"
Peter Otto (Melbourne): "Becoming (post)modern/Recovering the body: Blake, Swedenborg and the Desire for an Absolute Body"
David J. Bondy (Windsor): "(Re)Reading Oothoon's Desire"

9D. Reassessing Romantic Origins
Screening Room
MODERATOR: Robert M. Ryan (Rutgers)
Anthony Lake (Bilkent, Turkey): "Thomas Chatterton, Romanticism and The Origins of Nationalism "
Michael Zeliff (Smithsonian Institution): "John Keats: Highmindedness and a Jealousy for Good in the 'Poems' Volume of 1817"
Gary Handwerk (Washington): "Beyond Beginnings: Friedrich Schlegel's Late Historiographical Work"

9E. Romanticism and the New Gothic: Seminar Special
Sackville Room, Delta Barrington Hotel
Joint Special Session with IGA: Jerrold Hogle (Arizona)
Note: This Special Session will be devoted to discussing and debating, rather than delivering, the papers. Conference participants are welcome, but are advised to request the papers in advance from the chair(e-mail:
Jerrold Hogle (Arizona): "Introduction: the Times of the 'Romantic' and the neo-'Gothic'"
Eric Daffron (Mississippi U for Women): "Double Trouble: the Self, the Social Order, and the Trouble with Sympathy in the Romantic and Postmodern Gothic"
Spencer Hall (Rhode Island College): "'Beyond the Realms of Dream: Gothic, Romantic & Poetic Identity in Shelley's 'Alastor'"
Lilach Lachman (Tel Aviv): "The Aesthetics of Fear: Involutions of Time in DeQuincey and Dickinson"
Michael Macovski (Fordham): "Revisiting Primogeniture: Romantic Revisions of the Kinship Metaphor"
Arnold Markley (Penn State): "Mary Shelley's 'New Gothic': Parody and Social Critique in the Short Fiction"
John Rieder (Hawaii): "Patriarchal Fantasy and the Fecal Child in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and its Adaptations"
Jay Salisbury (Arizona): "Gothic and Romantic Wandering: The Epistemology of Oscillation"

5:30-6:15 p.m. BREAK to get to the Delta Barrington
6:15-7:30 p.m. Joint NASSR/IGA Plenary
Sackville Room, Delta Barrington Hotel


Maggie Kilgour (McGill):
author of From Communion to Cannibalism (1990); The Rise of the Gothic Novel (1995)

Introduced and moderated by Ian Balfour (York University, Toronto)

10:00 to the end... (Graveyard Shift):

Halifax Citadel

Euromanticisms past, passing and to come...

10:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. BOOK DISPLAY

9:00-10:30 a.m. SESSION TEN

10A. Romanticism and the New Europe
Haliburton Room
MODERATOR: Nanora Sweet (Missouri-St. Louis)
Esther Wohlgemut (Ottawa): "Internationalism in The Edinburgh Review"
Kari Lokke (California-Davis): "Rewriting Romanticism: George Sand's Consuelo and Revolutionary History"

10B. Romanticism, Empiricism and the `New'
Evangeline Room
Special Session: Gavin Budge (Central England)
Conrad Brunstrom (National University of Ireland): "William Cowper and the Infant Horatian: Retirements, Old and New"
Alex Dick (Western Ontario): "The New Aristocracy: Romanticism, Money and the Performance of 'Novelty'"
Gavin Budge (Central England): "`Creating Taste': Coleridge's Justification to Wordsworth in the Biographia Literaria and the appeal to 'common sense'"

10C. Imperial Novelties and Antiquities
Moodie Room
MODERATOR: Moderator: John Bugg (Fordham)
Eric Gidal (Iowa): "'A Useful Companion and an Agreeable Remembrancer': Novelty and Antiquarianism in Guides to the British Museum"
Ya-feng Wu (National Taiwan U): "Anxiety of Empire: The Carthaginian Theme in Turner"

10D. Systematic Thought and the New
Screening Room
Special Session: Tilottama Rajan (Western Ontario)
Tilottama Rajan (Western Ontario): "System and Singularity from Herder to Hegel"
David Clark (McMaster): "Schelling Arrivant: The History of Modern Philosophy . . . To Come"

10:30-11:00 a.m. "BREAK, BREAK, BREAK..."
11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. SESSION ELEVEN

11A. Whither Romanticism
Haliburton Room
MODERATOR: Matt Green (Leeds)
Edward Larrissy (Leeds): "Postmodern Romanticisms"
David Vallins (Hong Kong): "Romanticism and Materialism: Functions of Criticism in the 21st Century"
Mark Edmundson (Virginia): "The Dead End of Historical Criticism-And Some Ways Out."

11B. Romantic Renewals of the Past
Evangeline Room
Special Session: Regina Hewitt (South Florida)
Lauren G. Henry (Boston): "Britannia's Boast, Afric's Woe: Romantic Revision of the Slave Trade Era"
Robert M. Ryan (Rutgers): "Old and New Mortality: Walter Scott's Religious Politics"
Ted Underwood (Colby College): "`The Wind Blows Legend-Laden Through the Trees': Ossian's Ghosts and the Materialization of History"
Regina Hewitt (South Florida): "Miltonic Contention: Landor's Renewal of English Republicanism"

11C. Nouvelles de Staël
Moodie Room
Special Session: Theresa Kelley (Texas-Austin)
Ann T. Gardiner (New York): "Obiter Dicta : Germaine de Staël in The Times, July 1817"
Julie Carlson (California-Santa Barbara): "Madame de Staël's Character"
Lori Marso (Union College): "Self-Styling and the Feminized Polity in Germaine de Staël's Ten Years of Exile"
Theresa Kelley (Texas-Austin): "Passion and Germaine de Staël"

11D. Rereading the Romantic Sublime
Screening Room
MODERATOR: Moderator: Ian Balfour (York University, Toronto)
Nicholas Mark Williams (Indiana): "DeQuincey's 'Sublime Contagion': The Virtual Public Sphere in the Murder Essays"
William Flesch (Brandeis): "Infinity and Subjectivity"
Denise Gigante (Princeton): "Rereading the Wordsworthian Mind that Feeds"
William D. Melaney (Adirondack College): "Kant's Symptomology: Skepticism and Affirmation in Aesthetic Discourse"

1:00-2:00 p.m. LUNCH
2:00-3:30 p.m. SESSION TWELVE

12A. Revolution and Revival
Evangeline Room
MODERATOR: Michael T. Williamson (Indiana U of Pennsylvania)
Vittorio Frigerio (Dalhousie): "Backwater of History: Alexandre Dumas and the Neapolitan Revolution of 1799"
Anne Mallory (Georgia): "Burke, Boredom and the Age of Revolution "
Andrew M. Stauffer (California State): "Anger, Inflammation and Revolutionary Discourse"

12B. Renovating Romance
Moodie Room
MODERATOR: Kathleen McConnell (Dalhousie)
Elizabeth Fay (Massachusetts-Boston): "The Romance of Romantic Medievalism: Remembering History"
Elisa Beshero-Bondar (Penn State): "The Eolian Harp of an Exiled Woman: Matilda Betham's The Lay of Marie"
Chris Ann Matteo (Princeton): "Le grand jeu and The Great Game: Chronotopes and the Politics of Play in Sir Walter Scott's Waverley and Rudyard Kipling's Kim"

12C. Romantic Revivals in Ireland
Screening Room
MODERATOR: Ed Larrissy (Leeds)
Guinn Batten (Washington U-St. Louis): "'Of Death and the Special Powers': Romantic Revivals in Contemporary Irish Poetry"
Maureen O'Connor (Claremont): "Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray as an Irish National Tale"
Bruce Wyse (Northern British Columbia): "Traumatic Healing, Romanticism and Sacrifice in Brian Friel's Faith Healer"

For more information, contact:


Department of English
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 3J5

Fax: (902) 494-2176

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