Digitizing Romanticism, NASSR 1999 Session

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Friday, 13 August 1999

Session Chair: Neil Fraistat, University of Maryland

The following papers on "Digitizing Romanticism" will provide the context for the actual workshop session to be held on Friday, which will include demonstrations of the projects these papers discuss, but which will be primarily aimed at discussion between the panelists and the audience concerning not just the individual projects themselves, but the larger issues raised—practical and theoretical—of digitizing Romanticism.

Digitizing Romanticism: Introduction
Neil Fraistat, University of Maryland

The Sister Arts Go Digital: The Romantic Circles Art Gallery
Theresa Kelley, University of Texas
Richard Sha, American University

The Corvey Project Website: Collaborative Excavation of the Professional Woman Writer,

Emma Clery, Sheffield Hallam University

Editing Electronically Women Playwrights of the Romantic Period
Thomas Crochunis, Brown University
Michael Eberle-Sinatra, St. Catherine's College, Oxford

Beyond the Paper Chase: Building a Comprehensive Online Romantics Bibliography
— A Progress Report

Kyle Grimes, University of Alabama in Birmingham