William Gifford to Edward Copleston (2/17/1810)

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William Gifford to Edward Copleston
Feb. 17, 1810
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Devon 1149M/F76. 2pp. Date at top: Feb. 17th 1810



James St

Febry 17th 1810


My dear Sir

Will you pardon me for putting you in mind of Sidney?1 We are now in the press—indeed, we might have reported progress, but for the insurrection of the printer's men, who are dissatisfied with wages that will only allow them to get drunk three days a week.

I hope that you have not been spending time, that is so valuable in your hands, on that untractable Article. You said more than enough to induce any one to throw it aside; and I only trespassed on your goodness, (which I now regret) in the hopes that we might have a sort of Directory by us on Oxford business. Dr Ireland, who knows Latham, is not more favourable to him than you and Heber2.

Vale nostri memor—Ever

dear Sir, with sincere

regards, yours most


Wm. Gifford

Address: For The Revd. E. Copelston / Oriel Col. Oxford