Index to Volume 1



Academies, Royal, of Portugal, account—of, 292.

Accum's manual of analytical mineralogy, review of, 153, 161.

Addison, character of as a writer, 400.

Affaires d'Espagne, review of, 1.

Agriculture, quarterly lists of new books on, 233, 456.

Alfonso, king of Castile, 138—generous conduct of Alimaymon to him, ib. 139—suspected of being privy to his brother's death, is compelled to swear to his innocence, ib. 140—banishes the Cid from his dominions, 140.

Amelie Mansfield, review of, 302—fable of, 307, 312—strictures on, 314.

America, observations on the unexplored parts of, 293 et seq.—character and habits of its native inhabitants, 302-304.

Andrade, Pedro de, character of his poetry, 273, 274—character of Francesco de, as a historian, 289.

Anecdotes of painters, review of, 37.

Arts, Society of, when founded, 37—improvement of, in Britain, principally effected by the artists themselves, 38—causes of the decline of art, 42, 43.

Arts, list of new publications in, 233, 234, 456.

Arve, river, scenery of, described, 187.

Austrian state papers, account of, and observations on, 437 et seq.—extract from the Archduke Charles's address to them, 449—considerations on the situation of the Emperor of Austria, 450, 451.

Azurara, character of, as a historian, 288.


Baptist missionary society, account of, 193—its commencement and progress, 196, 200—vindicated from false aspersions of Major Waring and others, 201.

Barbadoes, history of, reviewed, 258—sketch of its first settlement, 26l, 262—causes of its commercial prosperity, 263, 264.

Barrett's life of Swift, review of, l62—illustration of a passage in Swift's Tale of a Tub, 171, 172—character of, 177.

Barros, Joam de, character of, as a historian, 290.

Baylen, victory of, its consequences, 9.

Bengal officer, strictures on, 216. [465]

Biography of literary men, remarks on, 162—list of new publications in, 234, 457.

Braganza, duke of, his character, 291.

Bramins, observations on the literature and mythology of, 60-66.

Britain, relations of Spain and Portugal to, 12, 13—considerations on the propriety of the British forces being in those countries, 14, 15. British coins, observations on, 125, 126. Inquiry whether the British government in India be endangered by tolerating missionaries, 207, & seq.

Buchanan (Dr.)'s, suggestions for missions in India, 220, 221.

Buonaparte, impolitic conduct of towards the Spaniards, 2, 3—parallel between him and Edward I. of England, 16—observations on his conduct in Germany, 440-444, & seq.—situation of, as it respects Spain, 451-453.

Burning of Widows, still practised in India, 217

Burns, Robert, review of his 'Reliques,' 19—observations on his character and genius, ib. 20—humorous cantata of, 21—some of his letters tinged with affectation, 23, 24—the victim of violent passions, 25, 26—instance of his integrity, 27—political sentiments of, 29—strictures on his writings, 33-36.


Campbell's Gertrude of Wyoming, review of, 241—strictures on his Pleasures of Hope, ib. 242—fable of the poem, 243.

Cancioneiro of Resende, notice of, 269, 270.

Capillary Attraction, account of Laplace's theory of, 108-112.

Caraccioli, character of, 406.

Carey, Dr.'s, Sanscrit Grammar, review of, 83—character of the work, 58.

Carr's Caledonian Sketches, review of, 178—observations on a recent trial, ib.—180—strictures on the cultivation of the Scottish Isles, 184—honourable anecdote of the tenantry of Staffa, 185, 186—extent of his route, 188-190—concluding admonitions to Sir John Carr, 193.

Cartwright's Reason for Reformation, review of, 429.

Castanheda, a Portuguese historian, character of, 289—anecdotes of him, 290.

Catherine II, Empress of Russia, anecdotes of, 364.

Christianity, observations on its progress, 193—obstacles to, in India, 215.

Chronicle of the Cid, review of, 134—anecdotes of Rodrigo de Bivar, surnamed the Cid, 135—defeats the Moors, ib. 136—compels his sovereign, Alfonso, King of Castile, to swear to his innocence of his brother's death, 137—is banished by him, 140-142—is besieged by the Moors, who are repulsed after his death, 146, 147—singular anecdotes respecting his corpse, 148—general remark on the character of the Cid, 150, 151—Observations on the execution of the work, 152. [466]

Circello, Marquis, anecdotes of, 417.

Clarke's Letter to Whitbread, review of, 429.

Classical literature, declining in England, 69.

Cockburn's Credibility of the Jewish Exodus, review of, 92—strictures on, 93-96.

Coins of Greece and Rome, enquiry concerning, 121, 122—modern, observations on, 123, 124—British coins, remarks on, 125, 126— on the distinguishing of counterfeits from genuine coins, 129.

Colebrooke's Grammar of the Sanscrit language, review of, 53-58.

Common Council of London, strictures on, 431-433.

Conception (the miraculous), authenticity of, proved, 320-326.

Conservation of medals, hints concerning, 119, 120.

Corinthian Brass, of what really composed, 117, 118.

Correa, Joam, anecdote of, 270.

Cottin's Mad. Amelie Mansfield, review of, 302—fable of the work, 307-312—strictures on its execution, 314, 315.

Cromek's collection of the 'Reliques of Robert Burns,' review of, 19.

Cucholin, death of, singularly coincident with that of the Cid, 148, 149.

Cumberland's John de Lancaster, review of, 337—strictures on Mr Cumberland's works, ib. 338—plan and execution of John de Lancaster, 339-348.

Curran's speeches, review of, 96—observations on his eloquence, 97, 98, 100,107—his judgment inferior to his fancy, 102.


Deare's translation of Virgil's Georgics, review of, 69—character of the work, 76, 77.

Devanagari, the Sanscrit character so called, 57.

Dias Gomez, a Portugueze poet, anecdotes of, 281—character of his productions, 282.

Drake's, Essays, illustrative of the Spectator, &c. reviewed, 398— influence of the first literary essays in this country and on the Continent, 399, 400—critique upon the work, 405.

Dramas, quarterly list of new ones, 234-457 [sic].

Dryden's Virgil, character of, 70, 71.


Education, list of new works on, 234-457.

Edward I, parallel between, and Buonaparte, 18.

Edwards's Anecdotes of Painters, review of, 37—observations on his character, 41—character of his work, 49.

Exhibitions of paintings, when introduced, 38—observations on, 39, 40.

Extractos em Portuguez, &c. review of, 268-292.


Faria e Saisa, account of his works, 277, 278.

Ferdinand II. King of Poland, letters from and to, 363, 364. [467]

Ferreira, a Portuguese poet, character of his productions, 274.

Filial Piety, anecdote of, 280.

Fine Arts, new publications on, 233-456.

Fiorin Grass, memoir on the culture of, reviewed, 348-355—Dr. Richardson's experiments with, 353, 354—successful propagation of, 354—description of the plant, 349—advantages of its culture, 355.

Fortifications, account of some remarkable ones in America, 299-302.

Free-Thinker, its character, 403.


Gainsborough, character of his works, 47, 48.

Garrick, anecdotes of, 382, 383.

Gass's Voyage of Discovery, review of, 293—outline of the course, 294—character of his work, 295.

Gertrude of Wyoming, review of, 241—poetical description of Wyoming, 244—strictures on the execution of the poem, 254-258.

Gil Vincente, a Portuguese dramatist, notice of, 276.

Goes, character of, as a historian, 289.

Grammars of the Sanscrita language, review of, 53,

Greville, Sir Fulke, anecdotes of, 80.


Halhed, Mr., his opinions of Hindoo history, 54, 55.

Hindoo literature, observations on, 66.

Hindoos are happier under the British government than the Mahometan, 211, 212, 214—remarkable conversion of one, 215, 216—their barbarous murder of infants, 219.

Historians of Portugal, strictures on, 280, 292.

History, list of new publications on, 235, 458.


Ida of Athens, review of, 50—plot of the novel, 51—character of the work, 52.

Improved Version. See New Testament.

India. Inquiry whether the British government in India is exposed to danger by tolerating missionaries there, 207 et seq.

Ines de la Cruz, observations on the poetry of, 286.

Infanticide, practised by the Hindoos, 219, 220.

Inquisition, influence of, on Portuguese literature, 287, 288.

Ireland, brief sketch of, by Swift, 175, 176.


John de Lancaster, review of, 337—sketch of its fable, 33.

Johnson, Dr. Anecdotes of, 382, 383.

Joseph, emperor of Germany, letter of, 370, 371.

Juntas (Spanish) wise and spirited measures of, 4, 5—excellent precautions of the junta of Seville, 16. [468]


Languet, anecdotes of, 81, 82.

Laplace's Theorie de l'action capillaire, review of, 107—outline of his system, 110-112.

Law Books, quarterly list of new ones, 458.

Lay monastery, character of, 403.

Leckie's historical survey of the affairs of Britain, review of, 405, 406, 419.

Letters of the Prince de Ligne, review of, 362—anecdotes of the Prince de Ligne, 366, 367.

Linen manufacture of Ireland, account of its growth, and progress, 419 et seq.—hints on the best means of promoting, 427, 428.

Literature of Portugal, sketches of, 269-292.

Lopes, Fernam, his character as a historian, 288.

Luke (St.), observations on his account of the miraculous conception 320, 326, 327.


M'Pherson, the freebooter, notice of, 31—his farewell, by Burns, 31, 32.

Massacre at Vellore, real cause of, 205.

Mathematicians, continental, more fond of applause than of communicating instruction, 109.

Matthew (St.), observations on the authenticity of his account of the miraculous conception, 320, 326.

Medallions and medallets, what, 121.

Medals, Pinkerton's essay on, reviewed, 112—progress of the science of medals, 113, 114—real utility of, 115, 116—metals used in the coinage of, 117.

Medical Works, list of new ones, 236, 458, 459.

Memoir on fiorin grass, review of, 355.

Menezes, character of Luiz de, as a historian, 291.

Methodists, missionary exertions of, 195.

Military Works, list of new, 237, 459.

Mineralogy, manual of, reviewed, 153, l6l.

Miscellaneous publications, lists of new, 237, 460.

Missions, general remarks on, 193, 194—Danish mission, when established, 194—origin and progress of the Baptist missionary society, 196.

Mississippi, plains of, notice concerning, 295, 296.

Missouri river, account of, 297, 298.


Natural History, list of new works on, 238.

New Testament, in an improved version, review of, 315—origin of the work, 317—strictures on its execution, ib. 318, 319—specimens of, and remarks on, 331, 333—animadversions on its misrepresentations [469] 333, 334—observations on the excellencies and defects of the established version of the New Testament, 335, 336.

Novels, list of new ones, 238, 461—modern, strictures on their composition and tendency, 304, 306.


Owenson's 'Woman,' review of, 50—instances of inflated language in, 51, 52.


Painters, anecdotes of, 36—improvement of painting principally effected by the artists themselves, 38—effects of annual exhibition of paintings, 39, 40.

Palafox, appointed to the command of Zaragoza, 227—his wise conduct, 228.

Parliamentary Reform, strictures on, 429, et seq.

Patriots (Spanish). See Spain.

Periodical Papers, in Britain, account and characters of, 399-404.

Persius, Satires of, translation of reviewed, 355-36l.

Pilgrim's Progress, translated into the Portugueze language, 284, 285.

Pina, character of, as a historian, 288, 289.

Pinkerton's 'Essay on Medals,' review of, 112—curious hints of, for a new coinage, 127, 128—character of his work, 131.

Plain Dealer, character of, 404.

Poetical Works, list of new ones, 238-462.

Politics, new publications on, list of, 239-463.

Portugueze Literature, historical sketch of, 268-292—influence of the Inquisition on it, 287.

Potemkin, Prince, character of, 369, 370.

Poyer's 'History of Barbadoes,' review of, 258, 259.

Public Characters of 1809-10, review of, 132.

Publications, quarterly lists of, 233-456.

Puranas, sacred books of the Hindoos, outline of, 62-65.


Rarity of coins, how produced, 129.

Reis Quita, a Portugueze poet, notice of, 278, 279—anecdote of his filial piety, 280.

Reliques of Robert Burns, review of, 19.

Revolution (French), strictures on, 438-440.

Richardson's (Dr.), Memoir on the culture of fiorin grass, reviewed, 348-355—successful experiments of, with that species of grass, 354.

Royal Academy, institution of, 38—strictures on its exhibitions, 39, 49.

Rust of antient coins, observations on, 120. [470]


Sa de Miranda, the reformer of Portuguese poetry, 271—anecdotes of, ib. 272—character of his productions, 272, 273.

Sanscrita Language, Grammars of, reviewed, 53—knowledge of, first acquired by the English, ib.—its importance, and antiquity, 54, 55—principally confined to the Bramins, 56—abounds with gutturals, 57—strictures on Sanscrit literature, 60-66—one of the parent languages of Asia, 67, 68.

Sass, Padre, patriotic anecdote of, 228, 229.

Scotland, Carr's Tour in, reviewed, 178—characters of various tours in, 182—observations on cultivating the Scottish Isles, 184, 185—anecdote of the tenantry of Staffa, 185, 186.

Sicily, remarks on the state of, 406—attachment of the Sicilians to their Sovereign, 409—on the government of, 411.

Siege of Zaragoza, account of, 226.

Slave Trade, strictures on the progress of, in the British West Indian colonies, 263—on the disproportion of the slaves to the Whites, 264-266.

Smith's Sermons, review of, 387—strictures on pulpit eloquence, ib. 388—remarks on his erroneous views, 389-393—character of, 396-398.

Society of arts, manufactures, and commerce, account of, 37.

Sotheby's Translation of Virgil's Georgics, observation on, 71—and extracts from, 73.

Southey's Chronicle of the Cid, review of, 134—character of the work, 152, 153.

Spain, considerations on the affairs of, 1—impolitic conduct of Buonaparte, 2—patriotism of the Spaniards, 3—wise and spirited measures of the juntas, 4, 5—causes of the revolution in Spain, 6—form of government adopted by the patriots, 8—consequences of the victory at Baylen, 9—peculiar constitution of the different provinces of Spain, 10—obstacles to the success of the patriots, 9-11—relations of Spain to Great Britain, 12, 13—considerations on the propriety of the British forces being in Portugal, 13-17—precautions issued by the Junta of Seville, 16.

Stqffa, anecdotes of the tenantry of, 185.

Stawell's Version of Virgil's Georgics, review of, 69—observations on its execution, 71.

Steele, character of, as a writer, 401, 402.

Stephenson on the linen and hempen manufacture of Ireland, 419.

Stockdale's (Percival), Life of himself, reviewed, 371—hints on his character and conduct, 372, 373—anecdotes of, 374-376, 380-386.

Swift, Barrett's Life of, reviewed, 162—anecdotes of Swift's earlier years, 164, 165—compelled to ask pardon publicly, 166, 167— character of some poetical pieces, 172- 174—splenetic description of Ireland, 175, 176. [471]

Sydney, Sir Philip, Memoirs of, reviewed, 77—anecdotes of, 79, 80-88—killed at the battle of Zutphen, 89—character of works, 91, 92.


Tale of a Tub, a passage in, illustrated, 171, 172.

Terræ Filius, a periodical paper, character of, 403.

Theology, list of new works on, 239-464.

Thomas, Mr., the first Baptist missionary in the East Indies, 196—honourable anecdote of, 223.

Topography, new publications in, 240.


Upa—vedas and Upangas of the Hindoos, account of, 60, 6l.


Vaughan's Narrative of the siege of Zaragoza, review of, 226.

Vedangas of the Hindoos, notice of, 61.

Vedas, or sacred books of the Hindoos, account of, 60—translations of recommended, 68.

Vella, a Sicilian priest, forgery of, detected, 407.

Vellore, massacre at, real cause of, 205—the Baptist missionaries fully exonerated from the charge of having occasioned it, 206.

Version (improved) of the N. T. See New Testament.

Vertue, notice of, 41.

Virgil's Georgics, translated, review of, 69-71.

Voyages and Travels, lists of new ones, 240-264.


Waring, Mr. remarks on, 196, 197-201-207.

Wellesley, Marquis, his great encouragement of Indian literature, 59, 60.

Widows, burning of, still practised in India, 217, 218.

Wilson, the landscape painter, anecdotes of, 44-46.

Woman, or Ida of Athens, review of, 50-52.

Wyoming, poetical description of, 244—strictures on the poem of 'Gertrude of Wyoming,' 254-258.


Zaragoza, a Narrative of the siege of, 226—the French force driven thence, 230.

Zouch's Life of Sir Philip Sydney, review of, 77.


Printed by C. Roworth, Bell-yard, Temple-bar. [472]