Conference Panels

This section collects reviews of conference panels in the field of Romanticism. 

International Conference on Romanticism
Colorado Springs 2016
Panel: "Dark Mathematics in the Romantic Period: Variations on Infinity"

  • Joshua Wilner (City College and The Graduate Center, CUNY), “‘I Cannot Further Explain Myself on This Point’: Maimon’s Obscure Differentials”
  • Amy Kahrmann Huseby (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “The Calculus, the Infinitesimal, and the Non-Narratable in Wordsworth’s Prelude
  • Rachel Feder (University of Denver), "Dark Horizons"
  • Aaron Ottinger (University of Washington), "Between None and Don Juan," Moderator

Reviewed by Catherine Engh (CUNY-The Graduate Center)
and Jacob Henry Leveton (Northwestern U)

What does it mean to challenge oneself—and the others in one’s field—to be simultaneously out of our depth, but to nonetheless attempt to forge a new synthesis of knowledge? This is what the interdisciplinary turn in romantic studies...


Panel: Romantic Terror and Trauma

Moderator: Christopher Stampone

Panelists and Paper Titles:

  • Karalyne Lowery (United States Air Force Academy), “‘That Is Also My Victim!’: Victimization and Repression in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein of 1818”
  • Cassandra Falke (University of Tromsø, Norway), “Reading Terror through the Romantic Sublime”
  • Katherine Montwieler (University of North Carolina, Wilmington), “Neglect and Childhood Trauma in Frankenstein and Wuthering Heights: Writing the Domestic (Abuse) Novel”

“‘I Ought to Be Thy Adam, but I Am Rather the Fallen Angel’: Romantic Authors on Violence”

by Christopher Stampone (Southern Methodist University)

The specter of terrible violence hung around Romantic artists’ necks like an albatross, darkening their perspectives and shading their works. “Terror” and “horror” were not only competing aesthetics within the Gothic mode but also real feelings...


Panel: Writing and Publishing for Graduate Students


  • Michael Gamer (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Kevin Hutchings (University of Northern British Columbia)

"'Be Tenacious': Michael Gamer and Kevin Hutchings Give Grads Publishing Advice at ICR 2016"

by Christopher Stampone (Southern Methodist University)

Training graduate students to write with an eye toward publication is a trending topic in academia. In an article recently published by the Chronicle of Higher Education, Devoney Looser (@devoneylooser) offers graduate students and early-career academics a window into the editorial processes that many journals follow, and shares useful and much-needed advice on how to prepare good materials that...



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