History of the Site

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Romantic Circles was officially launched in November 1996 at the University of Maryland, College Park, and has been from the start a profoundly collaborative project. In 2018, the University of Colorado, Boulder, took over as publisher. Below we record the names of those who have played important roles in its development over the years.

Founding General Editors:

Neil Fraistat, Steven E. Jones, Donald Reiman, Carl Stahmer

Current General Editors:

Paul Youngquist, Orrin N.C. Wang

Former General Editors:

Neil Fraistat, Steven E Jones, Donald Reiman, Carl Stahmer, Laura Mandell

Former Technical Editor:

Laura Mandell 

Founding & Previous Section Editors:

Electronic Editions: Tilar Mazzeo
Publications: Michael Gamer
Features: Elizabeth Fay, Alan Richardson, Michael Eberle-Sinatra, Laura Mandell
Scholarly Exchange: Jon Klancher
Conferences: Jack Lynch, Michael Eberle-Sinatra
Praxis Series: Orrin N. C. Wang, John Morillo
Electronic Editions: Betty T. Bennett, Stuart Curran, Neil Fraistat, Steven E. Jones, Harriet Jump, Gary Kelly, Greg Kucich, Jerome J. McGann, Judith Pascoe, Donald H. Reiman, Charles E. Robinson, James Soderholm, Jack Stillinger, and Matt Kirschenbaum
Reviews: Jasper Cragwall, Jeffrey N. Cox, Charles Snodgrass, Jeffrey J. Ritchie, and Roger Whitson
Scholarly Resources: Morri Safran
RC MOO (Villa Diodati): Carole F. Meyers, Mark Ledden, Ron Broglio
Romantic Circles High School: Steven E. Jones
Bibliographies: Kyle Grimes
Pedagogies: Laura Mandell, Ron Broglio, Tilar Mazzeo
RC Blog: Steven E. Jones
Gallery: Richard C. Sha

Current Section Editors:

Praxis Series: Orrin N. C. Wang
Electronic Editions: Michele Speitz
Reviews: Suzanne L. Barnett, Ross Wilson, Alex Gatten, and Lenora Hanson
Scholarly Resources: General Editors
Pedagogies: Kate Singer
Gallery: Theresa M. Kelley and Jacob Leveton

Former Associate Editors:

Melissa Sites, Kate Singer, Joseph Byrne

Founding Advisory Board:

Betty T. Bennett, Nora Crook, Stuart Curran, P.M.S. Dawson, Michael Eberle-Sinatra, Elizabeth Fay, Michael Gamer, Nancy Moore Goslee, Jerrold Hogle, Harriet Jump, William Keach, Gary Kelly, Jon Klancher, Greg Kucich, Alan Liu, Jack Lynch, Peter J. Manning, Jerome J. McGann, Judith Pascoe, Tilottama Rajan, Alan Richardson, Charles E. Robinson, Nicholas Roe, Jack Stillinger, John Unsworth, Susan J. Wolfson, Carl Woodring.

Previous Site Design:

Michael Quilligan, Carl Stahmer, Joseph Byrne

Current Site Design:

Dave Rettenmaier, Jeffrey Moro

Former Site Managers:

Jeffrey Moro, Kyle Bickoff, Michael Quilligan, Mike Duvall, Lisa Rhody, Ben Pekkanen, Kate Singer, Joseph Byrne, David Rettenmaier, and Cayla Eagon

Current Site Managers:

Jessica Tebo and T.J. McLemore

Information about Discontinued Sections may be found on our Archives page.