NASSR 2004: program and registration

A reminder that NASSR 2004: "ROMANTIC COSMOPOLITANISM," will be held in
Boulder, Colorado, SEPTEMBER 9-12, 2004. PLEASE REGISTER EARLY:

We are delighted to announce the upcoming NASSR 2004 conference to be held 9-12 September 2004 at the Millennium Hotel in beautiful and sublime Boulder, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Many thanks to those of you who submitted proposals (you should have heard from us by now; if not, please contact us). Participants can look forward to four days of intellectually stimulating ideas and discussions and to splendid plenaries by Ann Bermingham (Santa Barbara), Angela Esterhammer (Western Ontario), and David Simpson (Davis).

Conference Announcements

Two conference announcements came today. First, for the latest Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Women Writers Conference:

The Thirteenth Annual Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Women Writers Conference: "Women's Texts and Cultural Contexts" April 14-17, 2005, Hilton Lafayette, Hosted by the Department of English, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Keynote speakers: Catherine Burroughs (Wells College), Linda Hughes (TCU), and Susan Staves (Brandeis University).

There will be a performance of Fanny Burney's The Witlings during the conference. We welcome a wide range of papers on the conference theme and related issues. Topics might include but should not be limited to the following:

Blake Archive: Europe a Prophecy

The William Blake Archive is pleased to announce the publication of the electronic edition of Europe a Prophecy copy H. The only monochrome copy of the nine extant copies printed by Blake, copy H was printed c. 1795. Now in the Houghton Library, Harvard University, it joins copies B, E, and K in the Archive and will be joined by copies A and D in the near future. Europe is dated 1794 on its title plate and the first six copies were color printed that year, followed in 1795 by two more copies.

"The Monster Makers" performed in Calgary, Alberta, CA

This letter came today to the Romantic Circles Editors:


I thought you might be interested of a small local production based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, based on the experiences of the summer of 1816 at Villa Diodati in Geneva.  It is an all original script called "the Monster Makers" written and directed by Louis B. Hobson.

[see this story in the Calgary Sun --SJ]

Michael Foot's Hazlitt Collection

Scholar, journalist, and political activist Michael Foot, 90, officially opened a an exhibition on William Hazlitt at the Wordsworth museum in Dove Cottage in Grasmere last Saturday. In interviews Foot confirmed that most of the 1,000 volumes in his Hazlitt collection will pass to the Wordsworth Trust when he dies. The Trust has published a new edition of The Spirit of the Age to coincide with the exhibition and dedicated it to Mr Foot. (See the story in the Guardian.)

"Daffodils": Poetry reading for charity

On March 19, to mark the 200th anniversary of the composition of "Daffodils" ("I wandered lonely as a cloud"), groups of more than 260, 000 pupils from local schools near Grasmere read the poem at the same time, an attempt to break the record for the world's largest poetry reading and a benefit for the Marie Curie Cancer Care daffodil campaign. (See the story in the Guardian.)

An adaptation of Shelley's Mask of Anarchy

The new album by independent pop musician, John Vanderslice (formerly of MK Ultra), Cellar Door, contains perhaps the most recent in a long line of adaptations of P. B. Shelley's political song on the occasion of the Peterloo massacre, The Mask of Anarchy. The lyrics of "Pale Horse" are taken straight from Shelley's ballad (with a little cutting and pasting and one or two interpolations). Listeners can even download an MP3 audio file here.

from the haunts of daily life
where is waged the daily strife
common wants and common cares
cuts the human heart with tears

rise like lions after a slumber
in greatly unknowable numbers

let the tyrants pour around
with apocalyptic sound
on the charge of iron wheels


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