CFP MLA 2005: Wordsworth-Coleridge Association

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The Wordsworth-Coleridge Association invites papers for its sessions
at the Modern Language Association Convention in Washington, D.C.,
December 27-30, 2005.

SESSION TOPIC: Landmark Works. Inspired by Seamus Perry's essay in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Meyer Abrams' The Mirror and The Lamp (Essays in Criticism 54 [2004] 260-82), we invite paper proposals focusing on landmark critical works in the field of Romanticism during the last fifty years, including books by M.H. Abrams, Carl Woodring, Geoffrey Hartman, Karl Kroeber, Earl Wasserman, Robert Langbaum, David Erdman, Kenneth Neil Cameron, E.P. Thompson, Harold Bloom, Marilyn Butler, indeed all the great scholars who shaped our field and our thinking in the U.K. or in North America. Essays should describe the contribution made by specific critical work(s) to the discipline of Romantic studies and their continued significance.

Please send detailed abstracts by 15 March 2005, via e-mail to James McKusick:

NOTE: All program participants must be members of MLA by April 1, 2005. It would be helpful to us (in preparing MLA program copy) if you would provide your full name and academic affiliation.

Sincerely yours,
James McKusick
Professor of English and Director of the Honors College
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Baltimore, MD 21250