digital romanticism

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One of the interesting things for me about the field of "Romanticism” right now is the way it’s being redefined around the edges, as it were, when it comes not to the canon but to its own material modes of production—not so much what we read and study as how we get our scholarship done. A case in point is our good friend, Matt Kirschenbaum, who is not a Romanticist per se but is an English professor specializing in digital studies. Matt did brilliant work early on in his career for the Blake Archive, among other projects, designing and encoding those extremely difficult images and texts alongside Joseph Viscomi and Jerome McGann. He is now an associate editor of Romantic Circles and, in that capacity, recently helped us set up Movable Type to run this very blog. Our field includes Matt and others like Matt in part because he is helping to shape our field.

Steve Jones

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