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Hi again. Why am I not in favor of ecological apocalypticism (or in fact of any form apocalypticism)?

It's just not good for ecological being-together. If your view is that the world is ending (and soon), then why worry, why bother?

I think it also marshals the masochism and sadism we sublimate in elegy: in ecological apocalypticism, we witness our deaths, from an impossible future vantage point.

Frank Zappa's words about religious war could also apply to ecological disaster, and the long-term, no-gratifiation energy it will take to deal with it:

You can't run a race without no feet, and pretty soon there won't be no street for joggers to jog on and doggies to dog on. Religious fanatics can make it be all gone. It won't blow up and disappear, it'll just look ugly for a thousand years.
“Dumb All Over,” You Are What You Is

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