Forthcoming at RC Praxis (Orrin Wang)

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Orrin Wang, Editor of the Romantic Circles Praxis series, which publishes peer-reviewed collections of original critical essays, writes with this preview of some volumes we can expect in the near future.

One of the most exciting sessions at the 2003 NASSR conference at Fordham in NYC was "Romantic Libraries," with papers by Ina Ferris, Heather Jackson, and Deirdre Lynch. I'm delighted to feature that session as a forthcoming volume on Romantic Circles Praxis, not simply because of the high quality of the essays (though there is that!) but also because it seems quite appropriate in this day and age to present the study of bibliomania in electronic form.

Two other RCP volumes coming out this year also deal with the mixing, or combining, of media. Ron Broglio is editing a volume on digital studies of Blake, which explores the possibilities generated by studying Blake in this medium, as well as how much the art and textual forms of Blake encourage such a method. And Gillen D'Arcy Wood is editing a volume for us on Romanticism and opera, which not only looks at opera during the Romantic era, but also considers how much Romantic writing is an operatic experience.

It makes quite nice sense to me to showcase all this diverse, but overlapping scholarship on media on a Website devoted to Romantic literature. Perhaps one day we'll do a volume on comparing the habits (as Jerome Christensen might put it) of the Romantic bibliophile and the twenty-first century Web user . . . .

Orrin Wang

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