"The Monster Makers" performed in Calgary, Alberta, CA

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This letter came today to the Romantic Circles Editors:


I thought you might be interested of a small local production based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, based on the experiences of the summer of 1816 at Villa Diodati in Geneva.  It is an all original script called "the Monster Makers" written and directed by Louis B. Hobson.

[see this story in the Calgary Sun --SJ]

It puts on a theatre stage an account of what might have transpired between the five characters of Lord George Byron, Dr. John Polidori, Claire Clairmont, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Mary Godwin.  It opens April 13 at the pumphouse theatres in Calgary, Alberta and goes until April 20.  A shortened version recently won the Calgary regional one-act play festival, and this also will be used for the Alberta provincial one-act play festival.

David C. Hume

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