NASSR 2004: program and registration

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A reminder that NASSR 2004: "ROMANTIC COSMOPOLITANISM," will be held in
Boulder, Colorado, SEPTEMBER 9-12, 2004. PLEASE REGISTER EARLY:

We are delighted to announce the upcoming NASSR 2004 conference to be held 9-12 September 2004 at the Millennium Hotel in beautiful and sublime Boulder, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Many thanks to those of you who submitted proposals (you should have heard from us by now; if not, please contact us). Participants can look forward to four days of intellectually stimulating ideas and discussions and to splendid plenaries by Ann Bermingham (Santa Barbara), Angela Esterhammer (Western Ontario), and David Simpson (Davis).

The theme of our conference, Romantic Cosmopolitanism, provides an opportunity to query our period from the perspectives of the international, the global, the cosmic, the worldly, and the sophisticated. The term expands upon certain notions of region and place that some would deem central to the aesthetics and politics of Romanticism. It also invites us to think about alternatives to more typical moves to organize Romantic culture either around individuals or nation-states.

There are several exciting features of NASSR 2004 we would like to tell you about. These opportunities are available to anyone who would like to participate in the conference, regardless of whether you are giving a paper.

* First, we will be hosting two pre-conference seminars on September 8th: one, organized by Neil Fraistat, on Editing Romantic Texts with Neil Fraistat, Steven E. Jones, and Jerome McGann, a discussion of current editing projects by participants, and a roundtable discussion with prospective publishers: Linda Bree (Cambridge University Press), Marilyn Gaull (Palgrave Press), Julia Gaunce (Broadview press), Jerome McGann (Nines), and Fraistat and Jones (Romantic Circles).

Another pre-conference seminar on the "Import Of Romantic Drama" is being organized by Tom Crochunis, Catherine Burroughs, Alex Dick, and Michael Eberle-Sinatra. It will include a hands-on performance workshop conducted by Gilli Bush-Bailey and Jacky Bratton as well as plenary papers by Tracy Davis and Michael Gamer, and a panel on current projects on romantic drama and theater. If you wish to sign up for these, please look for registration information (forthcoming) on the NASSR 2004 website.

* * Second, for those not giving papers as well as those who are, we will be including 12 discussion workshops on September 10th and 11th run by the following scholars: James Chandler; Lisa Plummer Crafton; Thomas Crochunis, Elizabeth Fay; Denise Gigante; Theresa Kelley; Dennis Low; Jerome McGann; Brad Mudge; Nanora Sweet and Julie Melnyk; Anne Wallace and Tony Harrison; and Joshua Wilner. These workshop leaders will guide an intensive group discussion of specific Romantic texts and their implications. For more information on titles and how to register, please go to the NASSR 2004 website.

* * * Third, special session leaders include Joselyn Almeida Beveridge, Julie Carlson, David Clark, Lilla Maria Crisafulli, Dino Felluga, Ann Gardiner, Marilyn Gaull, Gary Harrison, Diane Long Hoeveler, Jerrold Hogle, Celeste Langan, Nigel Leask, Susan Manning, Jane Moody, Timothy Morton, Jan Plug, Tilottama Rajan, Gillen Wood, Paul Youngquist

* * * * Fourth, we will have fun: at the banquet there will be a performance by the Ron Paris Band, presenting "Sweet Soul Music," followed by dancing. There will also be opportunities to walk on Boulder's gorgeous mountain trails in the mornings.

Graduate Students: The NASSR 2004 organizing committee is pleased to announce that there will be prizes awarded for the best papers presented at the conference by graduate students who are current NASSR members. Travel Bursaries are also available. For more information, please go to the Nassr 2004 website.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

With all best wishes,
The NASSR 2004 Organizing Committee

Address: c/o Center for Humanities and the Arts
Macky 201 / 280 UCB
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0280

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