New Byron Society Websites

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The Byron Society of America is pleased to announce two new Websites: one for the Byron Society of America; and the other for the Byron Society Collection at the University of Delaware.

Please go to where you will find a splash page or gateway to both sites, from each of which you can easily negotiate to the other.

In the Byron Society Website, you will encounter such things as membership benefits and forms, a history of recent Byron papers at the MLA, a list of the first five Leslie A. Marchand Memorial Lectures (with McGann's lecture available in full text and with others to follow, including the wonderful lecture that Romulus Linney delivered this past Friday), and application forms for travel grants for graduate students.

In the Collection website, you will encounter Byron images and text that will lead you to such things as a donor page, a yet-to-be-developed book-sale page, and a catalogue of many of the items in the Collection, including books, booklets, busts, conference proceedings, engravings, exhibition catalogues, lithographs, manuscripts, sale catalogues, and much else.

We hope that you will use, enjoy, and learn from these websites, both of which will be further developed over the next few months.

Charles E. Robinson, Executive Director
Byron Society of America