New Issue of Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy

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The most recent issue of the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy is now live at Included in this issue is a project by Roger Whitson documenting his experience using process-oriented publishing to teach the expansion of middle-class reading and printing in the nineteenth century alongside the discourse of digital media today.

From the intro:

What classroom roles do journal editors have in the digital age? Roger Whitson invited JITP editors Amanda Licastro and Kimon Keramidas into his class on “The Nineteenth-Century Novel” to explore how editors can supplement traditional classroom instruction and investigate the purpose of design and digital publishing in literary period courses. The course involved a history of reading and book-design in the nineteenth century, along with assignments that encouraged students to experience reading and writing in different modalities. Over the course of twenty months this project has resulted in a wide variety of content, both formal and informal. To display that process and those materials, the authors have designed this project in the form of the interactive timeline below, which gives the scope of the project as a whole. Included in the timeline are date markers of specific milestones and events that took place during the process but don’t link to any specific product, links to documents and multimedia elements created in the evolution of that process, and links to the final formal articles published in the journal.

The full article is available here:

Thanks to Leila Walker for posting this on the NASSR listserv, from which this post is taken.