New issue of the Keats-Shelley Journal announced

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A new, special issue of the Keats-Shelley Journal devoted to the topic "Was There a Literary Regency?" is off the presses.

Here are the contents:

"Introduction: Was There a Literary Regency?" by STUART CURRAN
"Was There a Regency Literature? 1816 as a Test Case" by STEPHEN C. BEHRENDT
"1816 as Literary Year: Three Ways of Looking at a Literary Regency" by SONIA HOFKOSH
"The Year of Reaction: 1816 as Janus-Faced" by JERROLD E. HOGLE
"Some Caveats about Postulating a Regency Literature" by TILAR J. MAZZEO
"The Circulation of Satirical Poetry in the Regency" by GARY DYER
"The Print in Regency Print Culture" by STEVEN E. JONES
"Rethinking Regency Literature: The Case of William Cobbett" by MARK KIPPERMAN
"Broken Soldiers: Public Bodies and Next-of-Kin Notification" by SCOTT KRAWCZYK
"Regency Literature? Regency Libel" by CHARLES MAHONEY
"Robert Southey, Historian of El Dorado" by REBECCA NESVET
"'Must the event decide?': Byron and Austen in Search of the Present" by EMILY ROHRBACH
"Pedlars and Prophets: Jewish Representation in the Regency" by MICHAEL SCRIVENER


Tilottama Rajan's "Romantic Narrative: Shelley, Hays, Godwin, Wollstonecraft" (reviewed by Andrew Warren).
Alan Richardson's "The Neural Sublime: Cognitive Theories and Romantic Texts" (reviewed by Matthew Belmonte).
Nicole Reynolds's "Building Romanticism: Literature and Architecture in Nineteenth-Century Britain" (reviewed by Grant F. Scott).
Kristin Flieger Samuelian's "Royal Romances: Sex, Scandal, and Monarchy in Print, 1780–1821" (reviewed by Anya Taylor).
Sheila A. Spector's collection of essays, "Romanticism/Judaica: A Convergence of Cultures" (reviewed by Meri-Jane Rochelson).
Thomas H. Schmid and Michelle Faubert's collection of essays, "Romanticism and Pleasure"(reviewed by Peter Otto).
Emily A. Bernhard Jackson's "The Development of Byron’s Philosophy of Knowledge: Certain in Uncertainty" (reviewed by Jeffrey Vail).
David Ellis's "Byron in Geneva: That Summer of 1816" (reviewed by Andrew Stauffer).
Robert M. Maniquis and Victoria Myers's "Godwinian Moments: From the Enlightenment to Romanticism" (reviewed by James P. Carson).
Pamela Clemit's edition, "The Letters of William Godwin, Vol. I: 1778–1797" (reviewed by Victoria Myers).
Shelley King and John B. Pierce's edition, "The Collected Poems of Amelia Alderson Opie" (reviewed by Thomas McLean).
Claire Knowles's "Sensibility and Female Poetic Tradition, 1780–1860: The Legacy of Charlotte Smith" (reviewed by Rick Incorvati).
Susan Matoff's "Conflicted Life: William Jerdan, 1782–1869, London Editor, Author, and Critic" (reviewed by Charles E. Robinson).
Porscha Fermanis's "John Keats and the Ideas of the Enlightenment" (reviewed by Kathleen Beres Rogers).


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