New issue of 'RaVoN'

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Issue #61 of 'Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net' is now available on the Érudit server.

Guest-edited by Tim Fulford, it is a special issue entitled ‘Coleridge and his Circle: New Perspectives‘. You can find it at:

845 articles and reviews have now been published in RaVoN since its first issue appeared in February 1996.

Table of Contents:

- Tim Fulford, ‘Coleridge and his Circle: New Perspectives’

- Anya Taylor, ‘Catherine the Great: Coleridge, Byron, and Erotic Politics on the Eastern Front’
- Alan Bewell, ‘Coleridge and Communication’
- Julia S. Carlson, ‘Measuring Distance, Pointing Address: The Textual Geography of the “Poem to Coleridge” and “To W. Wordsworth”‘
- Alan Vardy, ‘Coleridge on Broad Stand’
- Tim Fulford, Coleridge’s Visions of 1816: the Political Unconscious and the Poetic Fragment
- Matthew Sangster, ‘“You have not advertised out of it”: Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Francis Jeffrey on Authorship, Networks and Personalities’
- Tom Duggett, ‘Southey’s “New System”: the monitorial controversy and the making of the “entire man of letters”’
- Nicholas Halmi, ‘Coleridge’s Ecumenical Spinoza’

- Talia Schaffer, 'Leah Price. How To Do Things With Books in Victorian Britain'
- Daniel A. Novak, 'Linda M. Shires. Perspectives: Modes of Viewing and Knowing in Nineteenth-Century England'
- Andrew Thompson, 'John Rignall. George Eliot, European Novelist'
- David Kornhaber, 'David Kurnick. Empty Houses: Theatrical Failure and the Novel'
- Jason Camlot, 'James Walter Caufield. Overcoming Matthew Arnold: Ethics in Culture and Criticism'
- Jennifer Green-Lewis, 'Stephanie Spencer. Francis Bedford, Landscape Photography and Nineteenth-Century British Culture: The Artist as Entrepreneur'
- Heather Laird, 'Sara L. Maurer. The Dispossessed State: Narratives of Ownership in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Ireland'
- Maria Frawley, 'Louise Penner. Victorian Medicine and Social Reform: Florence Nightingale among the Novelists'
- Jenny Bourne Taylor, 'Elsie B. Michie. The Vulgar Question of Money: Heiresses, Materialism, and the Novel of Manners from Jane Austen to Henry James'
- Dehn Gilmore, 'Richard Nemesvari. Thomas Hardy, Sensationalism, and the Melodramatic Mode'
- Matthew Potolsky, 'Richard Dellamora. Radclyffe Hall: A Life in Writing'
- Marie-Luise Kohlke, 'Abigail Burnham Bloom and Mary Sanders Pollock (eds.). Victorian Literature and Film Adaptation'
- Shannon Sears, 'Vanessa L. Ryan. Thinking Without Thinking in the Victorian Novel'