New Keats-Shelley Association of America Web site launched

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The Keats-Shelley Association of America has launched a new Web site.

It can be found at

Of the new site, association president Stuart Curran writes,

I take distinct pleasure in announcing the inauguration of a much-revised and richer website for the Keats-Shelley Association of America (, a site that will lead not just to current information on events relevant to the younger Romantics, but also to programs on an international stage, including the almost weekly series of lectures and readings held by the Keats-Shelley Memorial House in Rome and the upcoming first-ever conference on Keats to be held at the Hampstead house where he wrote so much of his major poetry, which will take place the first weekend of May 2014. We anticipate keeping the website current in terms of such activities, but also as a means of providing quick access to scholarly resources on the internet germane to our interests. We have also instituted a PayPal account accessible from the site, allowing you to join the K-SAA or effortlessly to renew your membership there.