New Romantic Circles Bibliography (Kyle Grimes)

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Romantic Circles is happy to announce the publication of a redesigned and updated Publications page. At the heart of the page is a new Romantic Circles Bibliography, which offers tables of contents from selected Romanticism journals and, more important, annual listings of books likely to be of interest to Romanticists. The RCB is intended as a "browser's bibliography." While it does (or soon will) offer a limited search capability, it is not intended to compete with or replace the more robust research databases that are available from most university libraries. Instead, the RCB offers a convenient listing of recent books, complete (where possible) with links to publishers’ Websites and to online reviews--either on Romantic Circles itself or elsewhere on the web.

A note about the principles of selection: It is, as students of the period well know, impossible to define with any precision exactly what books might be relevant to the study of Romanticism. The book lists provided in this first edition of the RCB are the result of various library, publisher, and database searches on the key persons and historical topics that are most central to the study of British Romantic-period writing. Inevitably, important books will be omitted from such a list. Readers who are aware of books that should be included are invited to click the "Make Submission" button at the top of each book listing page. The editor will compile such submissions and include them in quarterly updates of the RCB. In theory, the RCB will develop by this process as a kind of reading list attuned specifically to the needs and interests of the Romantic Circles community.

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