New Romantic Circles Edition: William Godwin's Fables Ancient and Modern

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Romantics Circles is delighted to announce the publication of William Godwin’s Fables Ancient and Modern. Adapted for the Use of Children from Three to Eight Years of Age (1805), edited by Suzanne L. Barnett and Katherine Bennett Gustafson.

This edition is the first installment of a complete critical edition of William Godwin’s ten contributions to his Juvenile Library. It makes available for the first time since 1824 the first text that Godwin both authored and published under his own imprint, along with a comprehensive introduction and extensive notes by the editors. While literary historians have long been aware that radical author Godwin wrote and published children's books, these works are substantially less visible than his novels and philosophical writings. Yet, the profound cultural impact of Godwin's children's literature—especially as an expression of his social politics—necessitates their reproduction and welcomes further critical inquiry.

You can find Godwin’s Fables Ancient and Modern here.