New at Romantic Circles: Wat Tyler

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Romantic Circles is very pleased to announce a new electronic edition of Robert Southey's historical dramatic poem about the 1382 Peasants' Rebellion, Wat Tyler. This important play was written in 1794, at an important moment politically, but remained unpublished until 1817, when a series of pirated editions appeared, printed by publishers intent on embarrassing the now-Poet Laureate Southey. The subsequent public legal battles over the work's publication and its extremely partisan reception make it worth studying, both as an example of early Romantic drama and as an episode in the political upheavals that followed Waterloo. The electronic edition was produced by a team of graduate students** at the University of Maryland, College Park under the guidance of Neil Fraistat. Matthew Hill oversaw the project through most of its stages. Michael Gamer (U Penn) stepped in to provide final assistance, reworking and finishing the project, expanding and rewriting its content.

**General Editors: Anne Benvenuto, Eric Berlatsky, Matthew Hill, Lisa Delucia Lewnes, Erin Sadlack, Ingrid Satelmajer. Contributing Editors: Claudia Bowe and Jonna Perillo.

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