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The Editors of the Romantic Circles Website are excited about this, our newest feature, the RC Blog. We’ll regularly post our own announcements here, but we also invite you to e-mail us with timely, brief, informal notes on new books, films, performances, events, exhibits, scholarly queries—anything of interest to the community of Romanticists. You'll find a form for contacting us at:

The Movable Type system should make it easy for us to post frequently and efficiently and to track all postings and comments. In many ways, this blog is the fulfilment of what we imagined back in 1996, in a more limited way, in our (hereby discontinued) Editors' Dispatches column. Blogging offers a form of publication more editorially controlled and less ephemeral than a listserv, but one that is still spontaneous and informal, open to input from the community. We hope to hear from you soon.

Steve Jones and Neil Fraistat,
Co-Editors, Romantic Circles