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The Romantic Circles Website is pleased to announce officially what many of you will have noticed already--our new site design, the fine work of Site Manager Joseph Byrne and the first complete redesign since 1996. Click on the logo above, visit the site, and send us your feedback.

Besides the new look, you'll notice some organizational changes, including the recent addition of the already-announced Pedagogies section, under the editorship of Ron Broglio, Laura Mandell, and Tilar Mazzeo. This exciting new section, along with this blog--now a year old--adds new kinds of content to the Website and also takes over most of what was formerly under the heading of Features & Events (Editors' Dispatches, for example, which was in many ways the prototype for this blog.) The former Publications section is now superseded by a new Bibliographies section, under the editorship of Kyle Grimes and the Electronic Editions section is now under the editorship of Tilar Mazzeo. Other frequently-updated sections, such as Romantic Circles Praxis and Romantic Circles Reviews, as well as the Villa Diodati MOO, remain under the able direction of their wonderful section editors, Orrin Wang, Jeff Cox, Charles Snodgrass, Jeff Ritchie, and Ron Broglio. Among the features of the new design are two prominent "circles" for displaying and linking to forthcoming and new materials.

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