Romantic Circles Reviews blog goes live

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We are very pleased to announce that the new Romantic Circles Reviews site has launched!  While the entirety of our reviews archive is of course accessible at this new url, we've changed the back end of our site along with the front end, allowing us to streamline the production process: our hope is to address scholarly conversations in as close to real-time as possible, publishing reviews of the books of today, rather than those of 2004.  Over the coming months, we'll be publishing very new reviews, as well as clearing out some of the older backlog of reviews -- it should be an exciting time!

Under the new editorship of Jasper Cragwall, we're publishing two fresh reviews: Julia Carlson, reviewing Ron Broglio's Technologies of the Picturesque: British Art, Poetry, and Instruments 1750-1830 (Bucknell UP, 2008); and Dennis Low, reviewing Peter Swaab's edition of Sara Coleridge's Collected Poems (Fyfield Books / Carcanet, 2007).  Please join us at /reviews-blog/.

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