Supplement 2003 to the Coleridge Bibliography now online

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The updated selective online Supplement 2003 to volumes I-III of the Coleridge Bibliography was released on December 12, 2003. The last to be prepared by Walter B. Crawford and Ann M. Crwaford, it contains a revised Preface and more than 400 annotated items (many illustrated), including about 70 added since the 2000 edition. It can be found at:

Supplement 2003 is hyperlinked to and from the Crawford Coleridge Collection Website:

and to and from the Coleridge Bibliography Website:

To make it easy for the users of this Supplement to discover what items have been added, revised, or updated since the 2000 edition, a section has been added listing just the identifying first line of each such item, enabling a user to determine quickly their location.

Librarians, scholars interested in the English Romantics, Coleridge scholars particularly, and those teaching graduate students most particularly, should pay special attention to the revised Preface to Supplement 2003, and most especially to the paragraphs looking forward to volume IV of the Coleridge Bibliography.

The Crawfords express their gratitude to the many persons interested in Coleridge who have sent them information for the Supplement as well as materials to be deposited in the non-circulating Crawford Coleridge Collection, where this material will always be available to scholars—including future bibliographers—and others interested in Coleridge. Such contributions have been noted in the Supplement as well as acknowledged by the Dean of the Library of California State University, Long Beach.

W. B. Crawford

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