Wat Tyler production in NY

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This afternoon we received the following note from a member of the cast of an upcoming theatrical production in New York: a staging of Robert Southey’s famous (and famously-pirated) 1817 drama about the leader of the Peasants' Rebellion of 1381, Wat Tyler.

I wanted you know about a great theatrical matinee in New York City on Sunday afternoon, November 16, titled "Ethics Is A Living Thing!" This dramatic presentation on Robert Southey's Wat Tyler includes a performance of the play in its entirety, and stirring discussion of its history and meaning for people today.

The matinee is based on a 1970 lecture given by Eli Siegel, founder of the philosophy, Aesthetic Realism. It will take place at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation--a not-for-profit educational foundation in the SoHo section of New York.

I want you to know too that the presentation includes Eli Siegel's new, tremendously kind comprehension of Robert Southey—about the torment he had, including about the publication of Wat Tyler.

Here is a link to an online flyer for the event in PDF format--I thought you might like to post the link on your site, so readers could know about it:


Bennett Cooperman

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