Welcome to Romantic Circles 2.0!

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Welcome to our completely redesigned and redeveloped website!

We hope you can spend some time with the new site and offer us any feedback you may have. With a database infrastructure undergirded by basic premises of the Semantic Web, the new design offers new ways to explore our expansive content, collected over Romantic Circles’ 17 years. New features include content recommendation, mapping, streaming audio, usage statistics, image galleries and slideshows, and categorized taxonomies that allow users to navigate in customizable ways. On the front page you'll see a slideshow of the newest resources. A sidebar on the left shows media offerings--audio recommendations and a rage could based on the new taxonomy keyword system. In the right sidebar, statistics reveal, for example, the most popular pages searches. A news feed collects blog posts from several relevant blogs (including our own), and a list of CFPs on Romanticism culled and aggregated from U. Penn’s “Calls for Papers” site. Along bottom of the front page is a portal to a brand new section of the site, the Romantic Circles Gallery, edited by Theresa M. Kelley and Richard C. Sha. The Gallery presents fully-curated, high-resolution images from the Romantic era. In addition to the complete collection of images and their metadata, the Gallery offers a number of exhibits curated around a central theme—from representations of the picturesque to depictions of phrenology.

Despite the new look and feel, you’ll find much that’s familiar. A menu at the top of each page links to each of the core sections of the overall Website, Electronic Editions, Romantic Circles Praxis Series volumes, Scholarly Resources, Pedagogical materials. Once you’ve arrived at one of these a resources, or on a page within a resource, you’ll notice on the right sidebar a content recommendation listing other related resources. This recommendation engine makes use of our taxonomy of more than 10,000 unique keywords.

The new Romantic Circles website owes its creation and design to the skill and hard work of our Site Managers, Dave Rettenmaier and Mike Quilligan.

There is much to explore at the new Romantic Circles beyond the brief description here. We hope you will take a little time to dig around the site and to offer us your feedback. Thank you for continuing to collaborate with us to make Romantic Circles a valuable resource for the Romantic studies community.

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